Businesses speak out against alleged harassment by Food & Drugs Dept


container[] – A number of local businesses are complaining about the Food and Drugs Department, alleging that their imports are being deliberately delayed, resulting in their companies losing millions of dollars.

Most entities are hesitant to reveal their identities for fear of further victimization by officials at the Department. One businessman claimed that he had to send home several employees and is now contemplating closing his business.

Frank Sanichara, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sueria Manufacturing Inc vented on social media about his experience at the government department, noting that he felt “hurt and terrified” to send home ten of his employees.

“I had to make this decision because the food and drugs department in Guyana is being vindictive to my company. Over the past months they have targeted my business because I stand up for my rights, because I challenge their vindictiveness and their incompetence,” the CEO said.

He claims that the department put a ‘hold’ on several of his containers consisting of everyday items.

“I have called them over 100 times; to date they are not giving me any reasons. I am left in the dark and so does my employees. Our products which are perishable and date sensitive are sitting at the wharf and already clear Customs.”

iNews understands that the department constantly changes its requirements for the importation of goods, thus resulting in costly delays to companies. iNews tried several times to make contact with the Head of the Food and Drugs Department but we were told he was not in office.




  1. That is true. They are holding up one of our shipment from past three months. Every day they need a new document. I heard the director is a political appointment, with no knowledge—I thought the new government will be fair, I voted for APNU.

  2. As a stranger following these developments in ur country, I would think 2x about investing there. It is very sad.

  3. Isn’t Frank Sanichara the son-in-law of Glen Lall? (Kaieteur News Boss) I’m surprise you are getting such a difficult time.

  4. Businesses speak out against alleged harassment by Food & Drugs Dept
    Pay up or be shaken down. It’s what PNC people does best

  5. What i cannot understand is that you people voted for changes in a progress country under the PPP/C government to go back to the dark days make no sense giving this country to the people who once destroy this country.

  6. Now they will target every single businessman and try to kill the business. Sometimes people who can’t make things happen enjoy others getting destroyed. Many foreign investors have fled the country for safety and others are trying to survive but the way the officials deal with them will eventually end up in closure of the business.

    The employees losing jobs are the people who desperately wanted a change and now them are suffering. People who are investing definitely have something to do and they will servive. Please think of your brothers and sisters who are losing the job just because you are rude,arrogant and targeting the businessman.

  7. The Grinch promised a good life for everyone (of his souppies). Meanwhile, non-supporters of the defacto govt are being punished. People are dissatisfied with the govt after such a short time due to the square pegs and political vindictiveness. Maybe the staff at FDD did not get a raise, hence their incompetence. We need a complaints commission, or Guyana will only get worst. I have no hope for anything under this govt.

  8. granger and nagamooto wife’s promise that there will be a abundant of food now it spoiling at the wharf. we headed to burnham times

  9. The PNC is willing to do anything to pressure the brains of Guyana and to bring the country to a standstill.
    The PNC is busy raping the treasury and to bankrupt the economy.


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