Broomes to take charge of Occupational Health and Safety – at Natural Resources Ministry

Minister Simona Broomes
Minister Simona Broomes

Former Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Ms. Simona Broomes, who has now been appointed Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, will be heading a campaign on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the mining and forestry sectors as well as ensuring that employers comply with the laws and regulations in both sectors.

This is according to Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Raphael Trotman, who held a press conference yesterday to formally introduce Minister Broomes to the media and to provide details about her new portfolio and his newly formed Ministry.

He noted that Cabinet has approved Ms. Broomes’ portfolio to oversee aspects of occupational health and safety and the protection of the rights of workers and practitioners, within the mining and forestry sectors. Her role will be focused on ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations in those sectors.

According to Minister Trotman, given the wealth of experience and knowledge of the mining industry that Minister Broomes’ possesses, her presence at the Ministry is an asset.

“She [Minister Broomes] is recognised as a champion for workers’ rights wherever she goes and we have no doubt that that championing of rights will continue with renewed and even greater vigour. It is the intention of this Ministry to fully utilise the Minister’s passion in areas that require active attention, to curtail abuses within the mining sector and ensure the enforcement of regulations,” Minister Trotman said.

Minister Broomes, in her remarks, said she is pleased that the President has placed such confidence in her abilities by placing her at the Ministry of Natural Resources. She vowed to continue enjoying that confidence by addressing and advocating for the rights of those in the sector.



  1. Broomes to take charge of Occupational Health and Safety – at Natural Resources Ministry
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