Brian Joseph to Head Presidential Guard Service

Assistant Police Commissioner, Brian Joseph

By Leroy Smith

Assistant Police Commissioner, Brian Joseph
Assistant Police Commissioner, Brian Joseph

[] – Assistant Police Commissioner, Brian Joseph has been named as the person who will head the Presidential Guard Service replacing Rohan Singh.

iNews has been informed that during a meeting with the Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud, the David Granger Administration indicated that it wishes to have the present ‘B’ Division Commander appointed to the post.

The environment would be nothing new for Joseph who in the past protected Presidents Forbes Burnham, Desmond Hoyte and Dr Cheddi Jagan.

The police or the Office of the President is expected to make a formal pronouncement of the change following a high level meeting today.

With Joseph taking up that position, it is expected that the police force will be looking for another senior police officer to take up the leadership of ‘B’ Division and act as the Commander there.



  1. Its so nice to see friends going great places,Great job and keep up the hard work,proud of you

  2. Let progress continue….we need capable, honest and hard working people for this positions, where we can all live in a much better and safer country…..God is in charge and all is well.


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