Ramotar to meet with lawyers over elections petition

Incumbent President Donald Ramotar after casting his ballot. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Former President, Donald Ramotar
Former President, Donald Ramotar

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President, Donald Ramotar is preparing to meet with the legal advisors of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) today, Monday, May 18 to iron out issues relating to the filing of a petition to challenge the results of the May 11, 2015 General and Regional elections.

The PPP/C which has been in office for the past 23 years lost the election to its main challenger, the APNU+AFC by 4,506 votes after only being able to gain 202,694 votes.

Even before the results were officially declared by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the PPP/C had alleged massive fraud and vote rigging in favour of its competitor.

Ramotar, during an interview with iNews, pointed out that subsequent to the meeting with the lawyers a date will be decided on as it relates to the filing of the petition.

The Former President has already said he is disappointed, hurt and aggrieved in the face of the swearing in of Guyana’s 8th executive President David Granger, following the declaration of the elections results by GECOM on Saturday.

“As you are aware, the people’s progressive party/civic had requested the commission to conduct a recount of the ballots cast in view of the several irregularities and discrepancies found during and after the day of the elections. We believe that the electoral processes were severely compromised. That is why we requested a recount of the ballots. Regrettably, our repeated requests were denied by GECOM,” Ramotar said in his last official statement as Guyana’s President.

He said the right to universal adult suffrage and its exercise of “one person, one vote” which the PPP won for the Guyanese people in 1953 is again under threat.

It is likely that the petition will be presented by former Legal Affairs Minister and Attorney General Anil Nandlall in the High Court.



  1. When the PNC lost the election and took the government to court and lost, where were you? When Hoyte lost in 1992 and conceded defeat where the hell were you? The PPP lost, they had 22 yrs to do what they never did and now they are complaining. Did you ever hear any coalition member openly calling on one race to support their party? Did Mr. Granger say the APNU is a black people party? Jagdeo openly call for apaan jhaat, openly spewed racist nonsense. Come on bro be fair man.

  2. Instead of you meeting with the president and working out how to take Guyana forward, you meeting lawyers? What? The people took away what your daddy left you? This country is not yours Mr. Ramotar, you lost the election like Hoyte did in 1992, Hoyte lost and he left, your turn now, either join up or leave.

  3. Even if PPP/C won, the issues of free and fair would still bother me – as well as the trivial nature in which these allegations have been treated. No talk of investigations by GECOM or International observers, no talk of investigating how fake documents ended up at GECOM; no talk of what a crime it is to tamper with a country’s electoral process; nothing. I feel like they taking all ah we Guyanese people for fools; whilst capitalizing on the momentum that half of the country are eager for change to quickly dismiss these irregularities.

  4. Hope that u will be
    just as enthusiastic
    if President Granger
    decides to investigate
    Ramotar and his cronies
    and they end up in the
    same jail u r talking
    ablout. So let the
    investigations begin.

  5. u kno who is die hard fools,but little u kno is yall type is who shows all the hatred,fightimg etc…sit back and take a good look at who really is the asses of this beautiful nation

  6. It’s a pity he did not have the same “Pit Bull” attitude towards making things right by the people. Under the PPP reign, Guyanese were living under two types of government, Communism for the people, and Capitalism for the Administration. It’s frightening, that he expected to be in charge the remainder of his life. Very Sad!

  7. This is one blind Donald Duck, he and de die hard fools still cant get it,,Better must come 1 day,,today and for the next 40 yrs guyana and all true loving guyanese will have a good life,,,put up, and start working for a better Country,,,cry cry cry

  8. I pray you get somewhere as soon as possible with your plans Mr. President. I am sure there are many Guyanese just like me who wants closure to this nightmare. We just want to know we lost fair and square. We all know it’s the total opposite. What you should do as soon as you regain your position is jail from top to bottom and make the observers an example to the world. Good luck Mr. President.


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