Both major political parties claim “commanding lead” in election results


By Radha Motielall and Tracey Khan – Drakes

PPP Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates. Donald Ramotar and Elisabeth Harper.

[] – As tension mounts in the wait on GECOM to declare the elections results, the two major political parties have gone ahead and disclosed the figures they have to date and based on each declaration, both the PPP/C and APNU+AFC are claiming the lead.

People’s Progressive Party Civic Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar said “at this point our figures show that we are in the lead. The count we have is as follows: PPP/C 182,664 and APNU-AFC 151,095 from 2213 Statements of Poll”.

But while declaring its own figures on the heels of APNU+AFC, Ramotar condemned the Opposition for doing so. He said the fact that APNU-AFC did this despite GECOM’s continuous warnings against such acts is “reckless and a wanton demonstration of disregard for the related consequences which can lead to instability.”

He said too that this is “clearly a continuous trend by the Opposition to compromise the integrity of the May 11 elections”. According to Ramotar the PPP/C has won Regions One, Two, Three, Five, Six and Nine. He conceded that the APNU+AFC has won Regions, Four, Seven and Ten and said that they are still unsure about Region Eight.

But despite making these pronouncements, Ramotar stated that “irresponsible declaration creates a dangerous situation given that GECOM is yet to announce the official results”.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Coalition told a news conference that it has secured 182,176 votes, while the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has 157,947 a variance of 24,229 votes.

The coalition made the announcement of its commanding lead based on the tabulation of votes on 2,025 Statement of Polls (SOPs) which represents 85% of votes cast.

Presidential Candidate, David Granger explained that they have been tabulating the statement of polls coming into its operations center and have gained some amount of grounds at the PPP/C’s strong hold areas.

“The results show with 88% of the votes that, in what were formerly PPP/C strong-holds in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region, Region No.3; Mahaica-Berbice Region, Region No. 5; and the East Berbice-Corentyne Region, Region No.6, the Coalition has made significant inroads.”

Additionally, in the, “Demerara–Mahaica Region, Region No. 4 and the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region, Region No. 10, the APNU+AFC Coalition has improved its performance from 2011.”

Brigadier Granger also made another call on their supporters, “to remain calm as the official announcement of the results of the elections is awaited. APNU+AFC say all should keep the calm and work in cooperation as GECOM will still be the one to make the official announcement.”

Granger said GECOM’s delay in announcing the winner is abnormal in this technological age and called for the results to be made known soon, noting that it is impossible to prevent the dissemination of these results.

He noted that it was pivotal that they make their supporters aware of what is taking place.

“People here need to know so that they can move on with their lives.”

Meanwhile, Prime Ministerial Candidate of the coalition, Moses Nagamootoo noted that their commanding lead is as a result of their ground fighters who have been working on in all the regions diligently.

In the same breath, Nagamootoo maintained that they are still awaiting the official declaration from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and they intend to continue to cooperate with the commission in this regard.

It should be noted that only GECOM is legally authorised to announce a winner at the polls along with the election results and not the political parties.



  1. you are not jesus or god so you dont know that it is for a fact that the ppp are going to suffer for what they are doing because they are the biggest thieves and you are so stupid that you cant see that how much are you getting paid when the month come you idiot

  2. On May 11, 2015 Guyana has once again rewrite our history books also, define the all odds to become the first country to hold free and fair election, with end results of which the two main political parts have declare victory.
    For the first time our rich country full of natural resources have two President, Two Prime Ministry and not for getting our Two first lady.

  3. wow! one angry fella , get on the UNITY train dude , 50 plus years of single party oppression is over , unity for our country , all we want is a level playing field to compete on , let our qualification and experience speaks for itself, tired living is a Sattur and Carol Scooba type country .

  4. These oppositions , these evil doers will surely burn in hell, especially granger, and the nagging . .they are looser and they should call off their dogs and pen those animals. The PPP should send these two old dogs to exile. Our President and his team will deal with these two donkeys .

  5. How Guyana has advance under the communist PPP, in 2015 we can’t count 200,000 votes in 24 hours. Well done dictators, you deserve another 23 years in office but by then China will rule Guyana.

  6. Both cannot be winners! If the PPP/c wins, Mr. Granger has some serious explanation to do! The SOP cannot be wrong and right!!

  7. As at 8;45 stabroek news SOP indicates the following:
    PPP-1653 APNU-1687 other pretenders-12
    Region 3- PPP -10656 APNU- 4121 others -67
    Region 4- PPP- 1820 ApNU- 8426 others- 27
    Region 5- PPP-3178 APNU-1443 others-15
    Region 6- PPP- 6596 APNU-7784 others -47
    Region 9- PPP-645 APNU- 449 others-34
    Region 10- PPP-21 APNU-196

    Summary- PPP- 24569
    Jokers- 202
    NB: this is just a small percentage, but atleast they are posting results faster that GECOM.

  8. I wonder who is writing these speeches for Mr. Ramotar??? Can he not see he is condemning the exact thing his press conference is about?

  9. APNU nagga and trotman cannot differentiate between a polling station and a party base. So its no surprise that they are looking at the wrong columns on the SOP.

  10. Seems like Bharrat was right about Granger performance at maths. Seems also like granger printed his SOP before the elections commence. There is no way APNU can tap into region 3,5 and 6. Not even the multi voting can make this happen. the picture you guys posted tells all about the disappointment at the results. BYe NAgga, you played your part in giving back PPP another 8% of the votes. Time for you to be kicked and sweep around by Broomes and company. Next time come up with a list of candidates who can match the PPP. Cant complaint about corruption when you have a bunch of thugs in your party who are from the hoyte and burnham regime. Oh is ramjattan out of the country. Guyanese are so fed up of these nasty tactics at election time, where you guys incite violence. The majority have spoken. PPP/C- 58.2 %. APNU/AFC- 41%.

  11. it does not matter who the winner is we are all (guyanese)under the same umbrella
    congratulations to the winner! May God bless guyana


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