APNU+AFC leads PPP/C by 6797 votes in preliminary results  



The results thus far as released by the Guyana Elections Commission
The results thus far as released by the Guyana Elections Commission

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Elections Commission moments ago released the preliminary results of the 2015 General and Regional Elections which shows that the APNU+AFC is leading the People’s Progressive Party/Civic by some 6,797 votes in the General election.

The coalition also led the incumbent Party by some 4059 votes in the regional elections. GECOM noted that this is based on some 29,000 votes.

iNews Guyana will provide more details as it becomes available,; see the table above for more information relative to the preliminary results.



  1. How many elegable voters voted????? In this 2k15 election and how many of those voters voted?????? What is the difference between register voters and vote that was casted??????????????????????????

  2. It is with much interest to see how old politics can become challenging. The same players with different colors. I wonder if we would ever learn as a people the right way in selecting our leaders. These men usually say all the right things to be elected and when they get into office, it’s just the same old abuse of power.

    We should remind them of their responsibility for good governance and pray that they prove themselves as competent and God fearing.

    May they seek His Devine guidance in their effort to lead this trouble nation.

    In Christ


  3. Its about patience people just let gecom and its comissioners do their job no matter who win we still have to work and take care of of our families

  4. Please do not feed the wrong info to the guyanese public . Wait on GECOM. Whoever forms the next gov’t —we all will still have to work for our daily bread and at bottom line always remember that we are all GUYANESE .We will have to work to build back what is lost and destroyed by those that are misguided

  5. After this election, GECOM needs to be modernized. Get the Jamaican electoral Commission to assist you. There is absolutely no excuse for the slow pace of this count.

  6. Where are you getting your information from? We already know that inews is against the government so will feed the public wrong information to create problems. You went into details about Ramotar revealing results but when Granger did you keep it low. The pnc rejoicing in burning down vehicles and the indian house.


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