Book of Condolence opens in honour of Dr Harding


IMG_20150124_132414[] – A book of condolence has been opened in honour of Dr Faith Harding who died on Friday, January 23 at the St. Joseph Mercy hospital following a brief period of illness.

The initiative was taken by the Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness Organisation (CADVA) along with the Caribbean One Billion Rising team on Saturday, January 24; its members hailed the contributions of Dr. Harding.

Persons who wish to sign the book can do so at the Pegasus Hotel.

Cadva’s country representative Tiffany Jackson spoke of the impact Dr. Harding had on women not only in Guyana but around the world. Jackson, who is a domestic violence survivor, explained how she personally gained from Dr. Harding’s kindness.

Dr Faith Harding.
Dr Faith Harding.

“I can personally testify to the fact of how helpful she was because of myself coming out of a traumatic experience and Dr Harding has dedicated her services towards counseling my son who was 4 years old.”

Meanwhile, Dr Dawn Stewart from also acknowledged the politician’s work and immense contribution to women here.

“I knew Faith for some time now. In fact in her teens, she has always mentored younger persons than herself and being a little bit younger than her she has always mentored me.”

Dr. Harding will be remembered for her phenomenal work as a women’s activist. She was a former member of the People’s National Congress Reform and also ran for the Party’s leadership post. She later resigned from the Party.




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