Blood donations spoiled in transit to GPHC from Suddie Hospital


National-Blood-Donor[] – Councillor of the Region Two Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Arnold Adams has called on the RDC to ensure that the Suddie Hospital has a proper system for the collection, storage and transport of blood from donors since there are reports that blood is being spoiled when it is delivered to the National Blood Transfusion Centre (NBTC).

 At the last statutory meeting, the Councillor stated that he visited the hospital recently to donate blood to the blood bank but was told that the system there is not working.

He said that this should not be the case and the situation should be remedied immediately given the importance of blood. He also made a call for another piece of equipment to be put in place to aid doctors in the extraction of poisonous substances from victims who attempt suicide.

The Councillor said the suicide rate in the Region is very alarming and therefore more equipment is needed at the hospital to help save the lives of victims.

Region Two Chairman Devanand Ramdatt in responding to the Councillor said the issues raised are very serious and he would like to see quick action from the Regional Administration to address the problems.

The Regional Health Officer (REO), Sunil Singh explained to the Councillors that there are some problems with the drawing of blood from donors, storage at the hospital and transporting it to Georgetown Public Hospital.

He said the blood would spoil by the time it reaches Georgetown. The REO said the activity was discontinued until the matter was sorted out.



  1. this is incompetence at it’s highest level.
    blood is always in demand and they are wasting hard to get blood.
    whomever is incharge shoud be fired!
    damn only in guyana


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