Death Squad member to turn self in to police; says he bought guns from GPF

Sean Hinds
Sean Hinds
Sean Hinds

[] – Self – confessed death squad member, Sean Hinds says he is prepared to turn himself in to the Guyana Police Force, but will only do so when his lawyer returns to Guyana.

In a fresh interview with journalist, Travis Chase of HGPTV Nightly News on Thursday, July 23, Hinds revealed that he decided to come forward with his story because he does not want to return to jail for crimes he did not commit.

Hinds, along with Mark Thomas and Ashton King were charged with the murder of George Bacchus in February 2004. Days before his death, Bacchus had publicly confessed to being a death squad informant. Hinds, however was acquitted of the charge in the High Court.

Hinds was also charged with kidnapping a 13-year-old girl in 2009 and also in the July 2012 multi-million robbery of Annie Ramsood in Bel Air but those charges were withdrawn on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“I only coming forward now because I tired of going into jail innocently. I is a big man now, I got commitments; me ain’t going back in prison. I am not going back in prison. If I do anything and you got the evidence, fair. I gon understand the consequences because I commit the crime… but I ain’t going for what I ain’t do,” the former policeman said.

While the Guyana Police Force (GPF) claims that Hinds is wanted for a “serious offence”, the former death squad member is adamant that he is no longer involved in any criminal activities.

“I am not involved in crime. For years, I am not involved in crime,” he told the journalist.

Buying guns

Meanwhile, Hinds is also alleging that guns seized by the police about a decade ago might have ended up in the hands of criminals and businessmen, stating that he bought guns for businessmen during the 2002/2003 crime wave.

“They got a policeman I buy guns from bai. I buy gun from TSU by the army downstairs for businessmen.”

He said the selling of the guns occurred shortly before the formation of the death and phantom squads. According to Hinds, he paid between $50,000 and $60,000 for one gun at the time and that the police pocketed the cash.

Additionally, Hinds rubbished claims by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) that he was put up to squealing by the APNU+AFC government. According to him, the PPP gave him the security contract for the elections period.

He maintained that he does not have any contact with officials in the current government. Hinds finally broke his silence and confessed to being part of the death squad in Guyana back in 2002/2003, which was responsible for bringing down several armed criminals who had escaped from the Camp Street Prison in February 2002.

Hinds made the revelation during an exclusive interview on HGPTV Nightly News on Tuesday, July 21, where he also noted that he took direct orders from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to Hinds, the CID also provided the death squad with weapons and that he worked with the late Axel Williams, who was gunned down several years ago.




  1. What gets me angry is why can’t the police pick up this guy and takin him in for questioning, they have the authority to do that, who is this guy to say that he’s coming in when his lawyer returns to the country. What’s real frightening is that some of the policemen involved in the gun runnings and killing might still be in the force and probably even in senior positions.

  2. You can see it your way or our way: the PPP batty biting! Big Rat gat runnings! Nandlall sleepless in Sleepin! Merai squirming! McDonald sweating! Ramotar laughing! Robert ducking! Sam staring at his test tube!

  3. A COI should be set up immediately to get to the facts. Hinds should be placed in PC before he too is found dead. This beast knows quite abit and should be given the time to spill his guts. Of course he richly deserves what’s coming to him and those like him. The PPP must be exposed for their high crimes against the people. Arrest Hinds for his own safety a contract is more than likely on his head at this very moment. He knows too much to be allowed to live. Do not wait until this scum is desd.

  4. In my opinion Mr. Hinds is not making this up. Some PPP/C members in high places are very worried and they should be.

  5. now you Nandlall concerned about your safety you didn’t concerned when you was sending your killers to kill the people children husbands and fathers wicked and nasty man

  6. The PPP is distancing themselves from Hinds, what did he think they were going to do support him…what a fool he is to get caught up in the PPP criminal behaviour. I believe Hinds claiming the PPP gave him the security contract for the APNU+AFC The PPP is doing what they do best lie and deflect. PPP are an evil bunch of people may God help them. I sincerely hope more people are arrested with Courtney’s death.

  7. As I previously stated Mr. Hinds is not an informant but is a desperate criminal trying to make deals to prevent prosecution for his crimes. An informant by definition is not someone that goes on national TV or radio program and talk openly as Mr. Hinds is currently doing. As far as I am concerned the government and the police should not be making any deals with Hinds but arrest him and put him behind bars where should be. Ironically he now wants to turn himself in and come clean and it so happen his attorney is out of the country – this is the typical behavior of a desperate hard core criminal. My advise to the police department – arrest him immediately before another innocent life is lost to this animal who dies value the life of our fellow Guyanese. His history is a living proof why no one should trust or believe him.


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