BK Int’l feels targeted by sections of Gov’t

Managing Director of BK International Brian Tiwari
Managing Director of BK International Brian Tiwari

BK International today sought to clarify a report carried in the media of there being a shortage of stones and the government eyeing the possibility of importing.

Also, the construction company has stopped short of accusing sections of the government of targeting its operations, forcing it to review its business focus.

During a press conference today, the media was told that there is no such shortage but that BK is in fact supplying in excess of the demand for stone.

At present, BK’s Kingston location has 10,000 tonnes of stone while another 10,000 tonnes is at the Quarry in the Essequibo.

In addition, the company has the ability to produce 30,000 to 40,000 tonnes of stone monthly. Managing Director of BK International Brian Tiwari says the stone government wishes to import is inferior and that it is confusing as to why they would want to go that route.

According to Tiwari, Government does not want to support local companies and see their expansion. Meanwhile, Tiwari says there is no cooperation within Government particularly within the Ministry of Public Works.

And because of this, his company he says is moving away from the Ministry of Public Works and into other areas of work.

The reason for this he explained is the long delay on payments for works executed.



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