Bheri Ramsaran no longer Minister of Health

Dr Bheri Ramsaran
Dr Bheri Ramsaran
Dr Bheri Ramsaran

[] – President Donald Ramotar has officially relieved Dr Behri Ramsaran as Minister of Health, according to an official release from Office of the President today.

According to the release, Dr Jennifer Westford has been appointed to act as the Minister of Health.

“His Excellency President Donald Ramotar has named Dr Jennifer Westford to act as the Minister of Health. Minister Bheri Ramsaran has since been relieved of his Ministerial duties following a meeting with the President. The President reiterates his outrage at the verbal outbursts and insults uttered by the Minister recently,” the release noted.

Since the revelation of two recordings with Dr Ramsaran verbally assaulting and degrading women’s rights activist, Sherlina Nageer went viral, calls from all sections of society were mounted for Dr Ramsaran’s dismissal.

The Guyana Bar Association (GBA), the Guyana Women Lawyers Association (GWLA) and Justice Institute Guyana (JIG) had said that President  Ramotar’s reluctance to sack Dr  Ramsaran is an indication of some form of indecency.

A recording had surfaced where the Minister in an invective with Nageer during which he promised to “slap” and “strip” the woman all the while telling her that she was a little piece of “sh!t.”

The legal bodies in a release to the media on Tuesday, April 28 made it clear that the utterances are not to be condoned by the sitting Minister of Government. The Private Sector Commission (PSC) had also called for his resignation.

Both the US and British Envoys have condemned the Minister’s utterances saying that had that happened in either of their government, the person would have been expected to tender his/her resignation.



  1. Well said mother sally..enough is enough..the same treatment should be meeted out to those same blasters..we need to take back our country. .nd restore our beautiful Guyana. ..put them to clean the streets nd of Georgetown especially with their bare hands nd the form nd spoon that they learn to eat with since they became whoever the hell they tell themselvesthey become..those M/efers

  2. can’t please people eh? they call for the man resignation and when that happened…. dey seh how PPP trying to score cheap points…like seriously, wtf

  3. Way to go my entire ass, way to go nonsense. He did nothing when chat3 threaten to kill people and pimp a young woman to his uncle. You guys are hypocrites, election time coming and you trying to sacrifice a man to prove what? Its too late, try it when you in office in the year 2450.

  4. You are very keen Mother Silly to mention everything that allegedly Roger Khan did. What happen to the Bartica and East Coast massacre that too place where the Indians were gun down. You were sleeping then? What happen before 1992 you were not aware? You idiots that don’t know better should shut your face and don’t comment on things that make you look like jack… The PPP/C has taken on the shit that the PNC has created. Everyone blaming Jagdeo for screwing up, but he is one of the best so far to hold the presidency of Guyana. Great job PPP keep it up.

  5. All thd men under jagdeo watch he promoted them for doing wrong, kellawan lall was promoted ronald gadraj name called in crimal matters and jagdeo never investigate the boy he made him high commissioner to india so people who does shit in the ppp does get promotion

  6. The president should fire the attorney general.the president did the right thing if it was jagdeo bheri would have gotten promotion.kellawan lall did nonsense and jagdeo promoted the boy.the president needs to be strong on his decision making and not be puppet to jagdeo

  7. Well the voice of the People was heard and decisive action was taken, this should make us all Happy and we should not continue to flog a dead horse…enough I say

  8. To all of you talking about corruption, lies, deceit, fraud, crime and all your babbling about Jagdeo, I just wanted to let you know that the entire PNC are made up of those very kind of people and Granger is no saint. I can tell all of you are going to cry bitter tears when the PPP wins again.

  9. well now im angered, this parasite need to be silenced and put to sleep forever…show dem who is boss Jaggy

  10. Open your eyes people he would still be collecting a bigger pay cheque from the PPP/C he is on full pay leave

  11. why not accept the President decision ?he did what he had to do with good judgement,which is fear.i think every one need to put him/her self in another mans shoe ,be just and god fearing.don’t wait only on sundays to b god fearing when at church.

  12. I believe,it is due to excessive pressure on Ramotar from all sections of society,that forced him to decide to relieve Bheri of his Ministry.There are others under his watch,who have also commited criminal acts,who have not been touched yet.For instance,Goolsaran from NCN,who it is alleged,fraudulently took over $3 M from NCN,that is alleged to be owned by this government,but is really and truly owned by the people of Guyana,up to the time of typing this comment,no action has been taken by this said Ramotar,which indicates a double standard.IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

  13. I will not advise the president to do that against Anil since it was a telephone conversation just as the one between basil Williams and Winston felix. where right is need to say so.

  14. My friend you need to go and speak at APNU+AFC meetings. Please don’t waste your time here go an tell it to the small man who don’t know.

  15. I dnt think your God and ramatar God is the same for what u are praying for aint going to happen under his administration. His God is Jagdeo. Your president has not made one decision of his own since he headed that administration. U read between the lines who has. So all I would say is good luck with that. Lol

  16. That is the way bheri used to behave since he was a Dr, at Georgetown hospital. I don’t believe he could stop his bad behavior, well the president do what his best for the people of Guyana.

  17. Even the recent firing of Bheri-Bheri does not in any way, shape or form absolves the collective PPP led by Jagdeo and ably supported by Donald Duck, Cement Roti and others of a similar, putrid ilk of their crimes against humanity. The damage has been done and even a 5 year old urchin is keenly aware that this decision to fire Bheri-Bheri came amidst growing international pressure with the threat of visa cancellations for not only Bheri Bheri but other senior ranking apparatchik of the despised PPP regime.

    We want justice for the hundreds of innocent Guyanese men and women that were gunned down by the convicted felon and drug lord – Roger Shaheed Khan whom was acting upon the directions of those high up in the PPP such as Bharat Jagdeo, Minister Ramsammy (whom had granted approval for the spy equipment), Roger Luncheon (The Stalinist Pig). There must be a full fledged UN Commission of Inquiry into the deaths, murders and disappearances of those that were assassinated on the orders of the top echelons of the PPP regime.

    We must not forget the unsolved murders of Ronald Waddell, Courtney Crum-Ewing and those that have their hands soiled in the blood of our innocent brothers and sisters must be brought to justice not by some local jokers but a respected, international jury similar to the UN International Crimimal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and also Rwanda. This is an issue of human rights and we simply cannot afford to sweep this under the rug because human rights are non-negotiable as it transcends race, colour, creed or class.

    The people of this nation have suffered terrible ills and patent injustices at the hands of their present day tormentors since 1992 and ‘it is time’ that human dignity, mutual respect and the rule of law be restored for all Guyanese irrespective of race, colour, creed or class. The revered and respected US Civil Rights Leader and Icon – the late Martin Luther King Jr. – once said “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people”

    Further to this he added,

    (A) “Not only will we have to repent for the sins of bad people; but we also will have to repent for the appalling silence of good people.”

    (B) “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

  18. Bheri should have taken the high road and resign, but his arrogance probably caused him to be fired or I wonder, did he take one for his comrades to make the party look good. Hmmmm… It’s election, anything to score cheap points.

  19. President Ramatur should of been doing clean up campaign long now,,,Government Ministers cannot be allowed to go around abusing their privilages,abusing people ,treatening & even hitting out at people they supposed to be representing & protecting,,,,Thank U Mr President ,for doing yr job even though it took a lot of perssure

  20. Good first step Mr. President, albeit after some fire up you behind. Now direct some of that fire to Anil then you’ll be taken seriously.

  21. Yes. Milk it for all it`s worth. Isn’t the PPP having seances with Burnham`s ghost for over 30 years. And they will not stop until the results of May 11th are declared.

  22. Well done Mr. President. what took you so long? and if reelected I do hope you will stand up against those who are just around for power and gain. I do not know you personally but from what I have seen and heard, you seems to be a decent man with great family values therefore with the help of God you can take this country forward. Along the way please weed out those who miss the message that the government should always be by the people for the people and that is every person in this great land of different races.

  23. Time to get Nandalall out..he is just a complicit as Bheri. Lets pray that we can convert Bhariat to a mordern version 2.0 Jail and put all those corrupt officials on vacation there as well.

  24. Ramoutar and company saw nothing wrong with Bheri’s conduct. His firing is as a result of local and international outrage. If elections was not around the corner, Ramoutar would have ignored they outcry just like he did when Chat3 Nandalall made his threats.
    However, there was no need for that Mr. Ramoutar. In 13days the people of Guyana would have done that.

  25. BS to me. One minister who wants to “nak de ting” gets a free pass while the other who wants to “slap her ass just for fun” gets the boot.
    PPP, it is too late to convincingly pull these stunts.

  26. The president has now made the decision which was called for. Will this issue be now put to rest? NO! The opposition will have to do some more milking and will not stop probably just before the election results are declared.


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