Berbice mother accepts $500,000 settlement in case involving kidnapped baby


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Sandra McLean and Baby 'Avi' after he was found.
Sandra McLean and Baby ‘Avi’ after he was found.

[] – The Berbice baby who was kidnapped at just nine days old and found weeks later at a home in Chesney Front, Corentyne is doing well according to his mother, Sandra McLean.

The baby was kidnapped on May 24 by Baitoon Hussain in the vicinity of Rose Hall Town after Hoosain accompanied the child’s mother to the market under the pretext that she wanted to help the struggling family.

Baby ‘Avi’ as many affectionately refer to him, is now four months old and is growing at a fast rate.

The mother of three settled the matter in the Court last month [October] after the woman was charged with kidnapping. She accepted a $500,000 settlement from the kidnapper.

McLean told iNews during a telephone interview that in accepting the settlement, she took the pleas of Hussain’s family into consideration along with the fact that the matter could go on in the Court for years.

She told iNews that no amount of money could compensate her family for the pain they felt when her son was kidnapped, however, she was forced to pawn personal items and even borrow money from friends while ‘Avi’ was missing.

She explained that the compensation is enough to repay her debt.

The accused,Baitoon Hussain. [Guyana Times Photo]
The accused,Baitoon Hussain. [Guyana Times Photo]
“The main thing is that meh pay out everybody me owe because meh nah able for nobody to come and fight meh and the little I have I will make it do and meh son here with me,” McLean told iNews.

Life has not been easy for the 22 – year – old mother who has been struggling with her husband to make ends meet and to provide their children with a decent life.

However, her husband begun working full time two weeks ago and “things are looking up” for the family.

According to reports, the woman who kidnapped the child worked in the interior as a cook for a Miner and later developed an intimate relationship with the man.

During the relationship, the man allegedly told the woman that the only way he would make her a wife is if she gives birth to a son.

The child was found with the woman after police acted on information and swopped down on a house in Chesney Village.



  1. In my view, it is the best decision. The Economics of the decision seems to override the rule of law. If the kidnapper was imprisoned, then the state would have incurred a lot to upkeep her in jail, while the victim would have no monetary compensation. The decision to settle for $500,000 provides the much needed finance for the victim as well as bringing financial relief to the state and at the same time penalizing the kidnapper for her action! The question is
    whether the sum settled for is adequate to compensate for the nature of the offence ?

  2. How could a person be guilty of kidnapping and then settle the matter with $500,000.00. Isn’t she supposed to be in jail. Just my thoughts


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