Pregnant women join street protest as Granger urges early General Elections



By Kurt Campbell

Two of the pregnant women resting under a tree in front the Office of the President.
Two of the pregnant women resting under a tree in front the Office of the President.

[] – At least three visibly pregnant women were today among scores of protesters outside the Office of President (OP); representing a continuation of the political opposition’s rejection of the prorogation of Parliament and the President’s refusal to name a date for the long overdue Local Government Elections.

Speaking to iNews, Opposition Leader David Granger said it is better for the President to call early general elections as he reiterated that there will be no engagement with the Executive outside the National assembly, particularly during the period of prorogation.

The Opposition Leader said similar mobilization in rejection of the President’s decision in occurring in all outlining regions. He said too that he has engaged the local Diplomatic Community, Unions and International Organizations; registering his disgust with what he says was a highly undemocratic stance by the President.  

The main opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – has been holding weekly protest outside OP on Tuesdays which is the day the Cabinet meets. The Opposition Leader was joining by other Members of Parliament (MPs) who led protesters in singing and chanting.

Last week, Granger has it clear that he will have no dialogue outside of Parliament; reiterating that his position remains the same.Protest 1 copy

The Opposition Leader noted that the protest action will continue as he plans to mobilize the Guyanese society, Private Sector, civil society, Non-GovernmentalOrganizations, Trade Unions and Religious Organizations to “bring pressure to bear on the PPP to demand that Parliament is reconvened at the earliest time possible.”

The President had hoped that this period of prorogation will result in fruitful dialogue with the Opposition. However, the President has made it clear that if ‘talks’ fail then his next option is to call general elections.

General elections are not constitutionally due until November 2016.


  1. U R so luck Andrew the PNC crablouse crabdog bunom horse shit eater didnt attacked U for saying what you said which is so true lol

  2. I think that the two lady with big belly is well paid to be there. This opposition is the most dunce in the world . They never hear the term ease and press. Them only want to press press. Why protesting and resting get up on your feet pregnant women and stand up for your right we never know if the two of you a carry the next generation president and prime minister

  3. Surveys have proven that learning begins at conception. Biblical beliefs also support the fact that during pregnancy a potential mother can teach her child/children by talking to them, reading, thinking good/constructive thoughts, etc. etc. What is my point? My point is simple: those pregnant mothers are carrying next generation protesters, whose future may be in the streets. Where are the Women’s Groups now?? Women’s Groups where are you? Can someone say whether the Human Rights migrated? Human Rights STOP the pick and choose.
    What a display by the PNC. PNC and AFC stop fooling your followers in telling them that Guyana is Governed by a dictatorship Government. Come on PNC/AFC be honest to the people of Guyana; PPP is a democratically, elected Government. Do I need to define the word dictator for you guys? Can the PNC/AFC prove that the President is ruling with absolute power? does the President have supreme authority (power) over all Guyanese and over the judiciary? Has the magistracy became subordinate to the President? Is the President acting in all the Ministers’ roles? Does the President instruct judges like Greenige and Burnham used to do?
    I say, please allow the President to be PRESIDENT!

  4. I hoe them two pregnant women do all their housework cause the government nor de opposition ain’t got time wid them. Them too busy doing nothing.


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