Berbice man arrested on allegation of sexually molesting his 13-yr-old daughter


A porter attached to a medical facility in Berbice is now assisting investigators into an allegation that he sexually molested his daughter.

Police Divisional Commander Assistant Commander, Ian Amsterdam confirmed that the man is in custody as the investigation continues.

He said the police have already obtained statements from the alleged victim as well as her mother.

Reports are that the man was asked by victim’s mother to take care of her three children.

At the time of the most recent incident, the man was expected to take care of his step daughter, 16, and his two daughters, ages 12 and 13.

After that, his 13-year-old daughter made the allegation that he had sexual intercourse with her against her will. The matter was reported to the police on Monday, and the teenager was taken to a medical facility to be examined.

Based on the results, the 49-year-old man was arrested.

INews understands that the act was committed on several occasions over a one year period. According to reports, the teen remains in protective custody.

Amsterdam said the police are waiting on responses from other agencies that are presently working on the case. He also explained that because of the nature on the investigation, it is likely that it will take more than three days. He said the police can only hold the suspect for 72-hours without charges being instituted while explaining that the police might have to release the suspect on station bail as they continue their investigations.

However, Amsterdam said arrangements will have to be made to have the children stay in a safe place.

Meanwhile in 2001, the suspect was also fingered in a report made by another of his daughters that he had sexually assaulted her.  At the time she was under the age of 15.

Back then both the child and her mother had reported the issue to the media with the child giving a graphic description of encounters. After initial response from the police, the suspect was arrested and subsequently placed on station bail.

Then the Sexual Orientation Act was not part of the law and after a few weeks the mother denied that the incident had occurred and the child was removed from the district.

The mother had also told the media that her daughter was no longer interested in pursuing the matter.


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