Berbice Expo opens; calls made for establishment of Agro – processing sector


Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo at the Berbice Expo
Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo at the Berbice Expo. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The 11th annual Berbice Exposition and trade Fair was declared opened on Friday, September 18 by Prime Minister and First Vice President of Guyana, Moses Nagamootoo at the Albion Sports Complex.

The four night event, which runs until Monday, is being held under the theme ““Fostering National Pride, Advancing National Progress.” Last evening, thousands attended and while some joined the opening ceremony, others viewed the exhibits.

Delivering remarks, the Prime Minster announced that events like the Berbice Expo are economy boosters. He explained that such events function as a vehicle that gives local businesses the platform to exhibit their skills and talent. This he said are Guyanese who wants to ensure that Guyana has a strong economy.

Nagamootoo also committed to establishing a permanent Berbice Exhibition site; President of the Central Corentyne Chambers of Commerce (CCCC), Tajepaul Adjodeha, during his address, called on the Government to erect such a facility in the ancient county. Adjodeha explained that every year they experience a reoccurring cost to erect booths and having to demolish them after the event is concluded.

Nagamootoo said he would be taking the request to Cabinet for further consideration. The CCCC has been calling on the previous government to assist with the establishment of the Exhibition site.

Additionally, Adjodeha stated that apart from the event being a family oriented one, businesses of all categories are able to benefit as they are given the platform to network, negotiate and receive feedback from customers on products and services and at the same time showcase their talents.

Adjodeha called on the government to invest in the Argo- processing sector, where he noted that Guyana has the natural products at hand, but yet there have been importation of “coconut milk, coconut water, and rice flour and rice cereal”.expo 2

Meanwhile, Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin in brief remarks, welcomed the continuation of the hosting of the Berbice Expo and Trade fair. According to Gaskin, the trade fair is a positive event for the region. He noted that with exhibitors and visitors coming outside of the region, they utilize services and spend money and this will give small business the opportunity to add value to their business and gain revenue.

“When small businesses gain revenue, the local economy gains and when the local economy gains, the national economy gains,” Gaskin said.

Other speakers, which included retired Major General, Normal Mclean and Regional Chairman, David Armogan congratulated the CCCC on their dedication to keep hosting the event.

Mclean, who spoke as the Guest of Honour, called on the government to implement renewable energy sources. He stated that if the country is going to look at creating an agro processing factory, they have to consider cheap energy such as solar and wind. Mclean also charged those gathered to keep their environments clean and join in the clean-up campaigns that are ongoing.

Currently, Edward Beharry Group of Companies, E-Networks, Republic Bank, Demerara Bank, Citizens Bank, Comfort Sleep, Banks DIH, Assuria Insurance Company, Fibre Tech, J.R Trading Company, Nand Persaud and Company, the Guyana Sugar Corporation and Digicel are some of the exhibitors at the Exposition and trade fair.



  1. Here we go again. This initiative is not new. Was already executed by the previous Elected Government.

    This Defacto Government needs to find new initiatives.

  2. Nagamootoo should be ashamed to show his face in Albion. The theme alone is an insult to the PNC.““Fostering National Pride, Advancing National Progress.”
    The vision less PNC is on a backward trail.


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