Berbice Commander urges residents to remain alert

Residents of Black Bush Polder at the scene of the incident yesterday.

Commander of “B” Division, Paul Langevine is urging residents to remain alert as there may be more bandits involved in a criminal network operating in Regions Five and Six.

“I am happy for citizens. I want them to rest a little better but they must be aware that it is not over yet,” he explained during an interview with INews.

“Some of the robberies, it was reported that it was four persons and so on. So, we definitely have got a lot of work to do out there,” the Commander added.

Three suspected bandits believed to be the executioners of the daring robberies on the Corentyne over the past weeks were on Sunday afternoon killed during an exchange of gunfire with members of the Police Force in Berbice.

“It all happened that way because of the intelligence information mainly. We got the information, we checked it out, and confirmed that. We worked on it and that’s what led to the incident where the three suspects were shot and killed after they engaged in a shootout with our ranks,” Commander Langevine stated.

Even though the SWAT team was not involved in that operations, he noted that the unit will remain in Berbice.

A police press release stated that ranks under the command of a Senior Officer ventured into the Mibicuri Black Bush Polder area, after receiving reports that “strange persons” were in those backlands.

It was whilst that team was investigating the matter and searching for those men that they came under rapid gunfire.

“They immediately took up tactical positions and returned fire in the general direction from where the gunshots were coming. The exchange lasted for about five minutes and after it subsided, the ranks combed the area and three males were found motionless with suspected gunshot injuries,” Police Headquarters stated.

Police are currently conducting an investigation into the matter, to determine, among other things, what support these bandits received and what robberies/murders they may be connected with.

Three haversacks containing jewellery, two bullet proof vests, five cellular phones, a solar charger, torch lights, a crowbar, knife, cutlass, flash drive, duct tape, gloves, toques, a mask, tights with “eye holes”, 200 grams of cannabis and GYD $609,330 along with two foreign currency notes were found.

Also, near the bodies of the dead men, the police discovered a pistol, two revolvers, a rifle, three magazines, 253 rounds of live ammunition and seven spent shells.

“We are not certain as to where they would have gotten them from, we collected two vests but we don’t know if they are police vests or not, but we are investigating. We will also check the firearms to see where they originated from as well. But for now, it is too soon and the work for us starts now,” he explained.



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