Benn warns Lindeners against “skin bamsie” APNU/AFC; Luncheon says Opposition in government is “suicide”

Public Works Minister Robeson Benn at the Linden PPP rally.

By Jomo Paul


The PPP Linden rally.
The PPP Linden rally.

[] – Public Works Minister Robeson Benn on has warned Lindeners to be aware of the female faction of A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) supporters who he claims skins their “bamsies” on supporters of the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).

Benn made the statement while speaking at PPP’s rally in Silvertown Linden, on Sunday April 12, where he continued his scathing criticism against Opposition politicians branding them “quasi-military.”

The highlight of Benn’s statement was his verbal chastisement of APNU/AFC Presidential Candidate Brigadier David Granger whom he says is shamefully advocating for equal rights for women.

Public Works Minister Robeson Benn at the Linden PPP rally.
Public Works Minister Robeson Benn at the Linden PPP rally.

“Every election time they bring lil children and women to skin their bamsies at us when we talking…every time they come to skin their bamsie we must take out photos and put it on the internet,” he implored the small crowd at Linden.

He told the gathering that he Opposition has plans to reinstitute the National Service adding that the organisation has “dirty details” that he’d rather not elaborate on.

The Minister also confessed that he was a “criminal” but said that he was a criminal for wanting basic necessities liked wheatened flour and split peas during the Burnham era.

Benn noted that Linden has always been under the control of the People’s National Congress but still that Party initiated a process that saw the destruction of several places in the Mining town.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon labelled the opposition as “thieves and scamps” as he called on those persons gathered to rally around the PPP.

“Scamps, Vagabonds, thieves…no vision, snitches and tons of ex militants coupled with a set of nonentities are visible on the coalition’s list,” said Luncheon.

In furthering his criticisms against the APNU/AFC, a frail Luncheon described the coalition’s Lists of Candidates as being comprised of “aged no good people from the past…utter lack of the appreciation of the diversity of this country.”

He said that for the Opposition to acquire the reins of government would be suicidal.

Cabinet Secretary Dr Roger Luncheon

“To give them an opportunity is suicide, national suicide we have to drink some gramaxone together,” Luncheon claimed.

He said that Linden and Guyana as a whole has seen tremendous development under the PPP in the past 23 years and now is not the time for that progress to cease.

“We build, we develop, we promote. We provide for progress and when you look at what they have done is sheer destruction…Lick up bruk up…they are actually saying to you, even to their own supporters in linden, screw you – the PNC will prevail,” he added.

He accused the Opposition of writing the book and being the masters of intimidation with a special dislike for Afro-Guyanese within the PPP.

“You can’t teach old dog new tricks and intimidation and bullyism– that is another name for PNC that is another name for APNU that is another name for APNU/AFC and we have to reject it,” he told the crowd,

“After they finish cussing Jagdeo and they finish cussing Ramotar they have nothing else to say, nothing constructive….we have to put these old people out of their misery,” said Luncheon as he noted that APNU/AFC politicians “dribble” in their sleep.




  1. No one has a picture of any of these “Skin B……” person? This was done in full view of them, right?
    So, how did they hear about the “drummings and whisperings” in the Afro Villages?
    Dr. Luncheon, how do you wish to be remembered? Certainly not as an honourable

  2. Imagine look what a political rally has descended to? Skinning bambsie, is a topic it shows the electorate and the world how this government is starved of innovative and sensible leaders. While Luncheon should try to make peace with his own soul he is out sinning it, this man looks like a walking dead.

  3. Just disgraceful and unprofessional, these speeches from the PPP camp. Guys you’re exposing YOUR level of intelligence; from this “view”, I am very uneasy, about the uttered words from among your “team”. Guyanese people, look back at the relationship between the PPP/Jagdeo Admin and some of these same people who are condemning the Opposition, they speak with “forked tongues.”

  4. Guyanese better vote PPP! PPP will ensure the Guyanese people drink soup, which is the best meal and your cup will always run over with plenty. I called upon all young people to research the PNC before voting. The chicken you now enjoy was luxury under the PNC, Under PNC you could not even dream of eating pizza.

  5. i have never seen a more bankrupt set of individuals as this ppp / government lot on display here. i read the report and statements coming from these people and i begin feeling shame for myself first and then the country then i feel a pitiful feeling for guyanese people who show up to listen to abject nonsense that is good only in the sewer.

    this old fool luncheon, look at him properly, isn’t this man a piece of slime?

  6. Clement Rohee said “it takes one to know one”.
    Now the PPP calling APNU/AFC thieves, vagabonds and scamps.

    My fellow Guyanese, DO THE MATHS.

  7. ppp dare nat bus in dat whim crowd in linden like how pnc bussed in that linden crowd at whim..that pnc crowd will prove detrimental to pnc soon to come..if pnc bussing lets say 10 thousand of the same crowd all over guyana at their rallies then it only once set of people pnc reaching out to..nagamoottoo saw the writing on the pnc wall but he is so much full of shit ooooppps i mean hate he jumped in bed so he could be screwed by pnc granger…he nagamoottoo think those people at whim will vote for him again to hand their votes over to pnc…majority of guyanese trying to get rid of pnc..they dont want is like their poison..nagammootoo should wear his afro wig with the 10 thousand pnc supporters he talking to over and over and over every where pnc takes him.

  8. I wonder when they gon stop using Burnham as the bogie man? You think anytime soon, like the next 1000 years?

  9. Is this the same Benn that has Bai shan ling running roughshod over you at Linden? This is unbelievable? When you all had put up a system to raise some revenue, it was denied forthwith with menace of imprisonment? You people have to be joking. The psychologist says that after a time, a bond is created between the abuser and the abused. I guess this is what is being played out here. Go folks and hope the abuser might change. LOL


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