Bees force nursery school in Sophia to abort classes

The 'C' Field Nursery School. [iNews' Photo]

The 'C' Field Nursery School. [iNews' Photo]
The ‘C’ Field Nursery School. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A swarm of bees descended on the washroom facilities of a Sophia Nursery School, forcing officials at the institution to call parents to pick up their children, fearing that the bees might take to the classrooms.

When iNews arrived that the ‘C’ Field Nursery School, most of the students were already sent home for the day while a small group stood at the entrance of the building, awaiting their parents and guardians.

Officials at the school declined to comment, except to say that the situation was being handled and an exterminator has been summoned to remove the deadly bees.

Sources at the school told iNews that every year the situation occurs without no permanent solution to the issue coming from officials.

“Our school normally does be infested by bees due to the bush at the back there…every time during this period we get the bees, but thankfully this time they didn’t come into the school,” the source revealed.

Parents expressed concern about the situation, pointing out that bees are unpredictable and   may unexpectedly swarm the classes in the future if the situation is not dealt with.



  1. This is a serious problem we have. instead of exterminating the bees if they did not pose a threat, we needed experts to relocate the bees in an area where we can promote the consumption and making of honey by the bees. We do not seem to have experts to cultivate any of our natural resources, that is why our natural resources are going to be in the hands of those experts whose government believe in educating their nation to harness, develop and cultivate their natural resources for economic growth. We have bauxite, aluminum, gold, diamond, rice, oil, exceptional soil for organic products, etc, etc. However, there are no experts in the field who can collectively extract , refine and dispatch for economic growth our natural resources of our country, we have to depend on outside experts. Even if the outside experts are here, there are no demands on them for the building of roads, educational scholarship for our young genius in Guyana to gain the expertise, no demand for the building of homes, no demands for providing higher wages to the workers and i know the foreign companies will do whatever is required because they are making billions of dollars from our natural resources .

    I am looking forward for this new administration to add in their contract Exxon who continue to bleed Africa of its resources and leaving the country with large holes and a displaced earth and not much help to the people because of poor leadership like our previous administration.

    If demands are not put on investors they will do nothing. Guyana is in need of resources to sustain the country and need to develop the people’s minds and their brains to become more productive.

    Please make these things happen for the betterment of our country.. Previous government lined their pockets and neglected the nation.


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