Beach Volleyball Workshop Commences


[] – To promote and stimulate the growth of beach football in Guyana is the main aim of a day beach football workshop that commenced on Thursday, January 30.

Facilitator Fernando Marques
Facilitator Fernando Marques

This is according to Facilitator Fernando Marques, who will be in Guyana for the next few days along with his practical counterpart, Roberto Rodrigues.

According to Marques, the first thing that they focused on was to set hard and fast that there is a difference between beach volleyball and its indoor counterpart.

He indicated that persons often mix the two but they are entirely different and should not be confused at all. A section of the sessions will focus on introducing the sport through both practical and theoretical means ensuring that the participants are aware of the various rules.

He said the sport cannot evolve in the country if it is not taught properly and as such stressed heavily on its importance.

Practical sessions he noted are also important as coaches and referees must have the hands on knowledge to the sport. In closing, he indicated that the sport has the ability to grow in the country and persons are urged to get involved. The sessions are being held, compliments of the Guyana Volleyball Federation and the FIVB.


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