“Be vigilant against elections thieves” – Ramotar tells Lusignan

President Donald Ramotar greets supporters at the rally.

By Radha Motielall

A section of the crowd at the rally in Lusignan. [iNews' Photo]
A section of the crowd at the rally in Lusignan. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – As the final political rallies wrapped up, one thing is clear – a lot is riding on the support of sugar workers.

The APNU+AFC and PPP/C have been back and forth in their attacks of each other for neglecting the sugar industry while declaring their own plans for its future.

And the People’s Progressive Party/Civic ensured that this promise to sugar workers was echoed at every single regional rally and in the community meetings. On Saturday, May 09 as they brought the curtains down on the campaign, the incumbent, Donald Ramotar gave it one final push.

He told the crowd at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, that a re-elected PPP/C government will not neglect the traditional industries, especially sugar.

President Donald Ramotar greets supporters at the rally.
President Donald Ramotar greets supporters at the rally.

Ramotar said “the PPP/C will spend a minimum of $20 Billion to ensure that sugar prospers in Guyana” adding that “you know you can take our promises seriously”.

Meanwhile, in his final campaign, Ramotar reminded the electorate that “the PPP fought for the right to vote in the early sixties, but that right was snatched from you by the PNC”. He said the Party then endured a long struggle and finally triumphed in 1992. Now he said is the time to consolidate that victory.

He reminded too that lives were lost in that battle to have the votes counted at the place of poll, and stressed that while that is now a feature in the Guyanese democratic process, “we still need to be alert, even though we have won the right to have your votes counted at the place of poll”.

Ramotar said vigilance is necessary because “we have a group of people out there who is specialized in stealing votes and we must stop them”.

He cited the Opposition as those who are raping democracy and stifling freedoms.

“They are a bunch of thieves, accustomed to stealing elections and they will continue to try to do so. That is why I am glad that we have so many observers here keeping a watch to help to prevent this.”

Addressing the many promises made during the campaign by the APNU+AFC coalition, Ramotar told his supporters not to trust the Opposition to do things for them in government, which they failed to do while in the National Assembly, using their majority votes.

He said the danger with an APNU+AFC government is that they have proven that they are uninterested in development.

With regards to the many fears out there about security during an elections season, Ramotar said they have asked the security forces to ensure that all of Guyana’s laws are upheld during and after the elections.

Ramotar also used the opportunity to extend gratitude to the party members and supporters for their hard work during the campaign and for cheering on the PPP/C.



  1. For all of 28 years, Dr. Jagan saw it in his wisdom, not to change his political ideology. The result was that the west did not trust him with political power. Hence, Mr. Burnham won the day …28 yrs… and power. For 23 yrs the great PPP has been in power. Has that power really translated to the greater good for all of the people? Now, we are told about our “Indianness” and which party will protect our rights! Teacher Payne from Buxton would have liked to have these men when they were ,little boys in her class. Surely she would bhave taught them how to be good human beings, . Men of honesty, truthfulness, and of good cheer. Sixty two lashes would not have been sufficient! More like 62 cane- whips would have sufficed. Peace.

  2. PPP is the Party to Lose TOMORROW…. I sponsoring Jagedo Jumpsuit… I TOO AM A PROUD GUYANESE>>> JUST THAT IM PROUDER THAN YOU!


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