Granger would have received 62 lashes on his “backside” for 62% prediction win – Jagdeo

The supporters at the rally.

By Fareeza Haniff

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo during his address to the PPP supporters at Lusignan.
Former President Bharrat Jagdeo during his address to the PPP supporters at Lusignan.

[] – Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo has criticized the 58% – 62% prediction win by the APNU+AFC, nothing that if Presidential Candidate of the coalition, Brigadier David Granger was being schooled by one of his [Jagdeo] teachers from Buxton, he [Granger] would have received “62 lashes on his backside for misleading the people.”

Jagdeo, during his address to thousands of PPP supporters at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara at the Party’s final rally before Guyana head to the polls on Monday (May 11), urged that persons should not be misled by the predictions of the Opposition Coalition.

“Comrades I am from the East Coast and I had a wonderful teacher from Buxton; her name was Audrey Payne. She was a very stern teacher…they used to use the cane a lot, nowadays we don’t do that. Granger said they would win 62% of the votes; if Granger was in Audrey Payne’s class, he would have had 62 lashes on his backside for misleading people,” said Jagdeo.

The supporters at the rally.
The supporters at the rally.

The former President believes that Granger’s prediction has ulterior motives, nothing that the coalition is looking for excuses should they lose the elections.

“Granger didn’t do this out of the blues. There are two objectives, I believe in doing this. One – set a high figure so that if you lose the elections, you can claim that you were cheated; or secondly say that you will win 62% because you will demoralize PPP supporters into not turning out…We must not be fooled by this bogus electoral arithmetic,” the former President told a hyped crowd.  

Meanwhile, he also chastised the coalition for what he described as “playing on the mindset of religious people” by implying that they are “Moses and David” from the Bible.

“Well they are no David of the Bible or Moses of the Bible. They are a bunch of people who are basing their entire campaign on a campaign of lies, distortion and no vision.

“How could Granger say he is righteous and deny an essential part of our history…Granger in this day and age in 2015, denies that elections under the PNC was ever rigged. If you can start your presidency or your bid for the presidency by putting out such a big lie, then it is either you’re forgetful, you have amnesia, Alzheimer’s and we don’t want a President like that who doesn’t have any memory,” Jagdeo said.

He further urged the PPP supporters not to be afraid, since the PPP/C has already asked the Guyana Police Force to protect the ballot boxes and polling station.

“Do not be afraid, we have asked the police, we keep urging the police to make sure that the ballots are protected, the polling stations are protected, that acts of hooliganism are punished…If polling agents or any other GECOM official or any other person in this country violates any law that affects the integrity of the poll that we should go after them with the full force of the law,” the former President said.

As it relates to the issue of race, the former President denied the accusation by the coalition that the PPP/C is a racist Party, pointing to the track record of development in the country.

“We don’t have to go and hide in the bottom houses and do whisper campaigns; what we say here, we can say anywhere. And I say here today that this Cheddi Jagan’s Party from the time it was formed in 1950 has been open to people of all races, all religion, every gender and every class. We have treated people regardless of their race with dignity,” Jagdeo said.

He accused the APNU+AFC of “quietly” pushing the race card and then accusing the PPP/C of being racist. Jagdeo said he is proud to be an “Indo Guyanese” and has no apology for it.




  1. Pablo I believe ALL of them are voting for race cause it’s nowhere they could tell us they did good for guyana, u have to be living under a rock to not know how corrupt and thieving they’re check and see where and how the ministers living Smfh some people really stupid they would never learn

  2. APNU+AFC is the way to go…… PPP/C had their many chances and blew it away totally why are innocent Guyanese have to punish working 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet and those in power has the right to make a change, but instead they refuse and playing the fool and using their position as a weapon against us hell no to hell with what ever you are saying and what the PPP/C has to offer.

    I rather give another party my vote because I want progress and change “IT IS TIME”

    A lot of these so called PPP/C supporters vote for race instead of development and growth and expect it to happen remember this saying Once bitten twice shy.

    Don’t be fooled by the PPP/C vote wise and see the results APNU+AFC all the way.

  3. Don’t be alarmed, the ppp words are the proof of their draconian leadership. Laws and decisions that benefitted only a few.

  4. Sixty Two lashes on his backside, eh? Mr. Jagdeo, you were in Teacher Payne’s class but you have still not developed class and character, sir. Now it seems that you are getting your lashes on your “backsides” from your ,DOMINATRIX!
    But for you, it is 69. Yes, sir, 69. Mr. Granger would have learned from 62, but you want and need your regular 69!

  5. Vote APNU-AFC guyana need a change from those criminals all of them gonna get lock up America can’t wait to deal with them, they gonna be happy in federal prison cause guyanese would deal with them good and proper if they go in Guyana prison

  6. Well we are just hours away from election day and I would like each and everyone of us to exercise peace and love. Lets don’t get involved in any confrontation and respect each other regardless of their race or colour. God bless Guyana.

  7. Jagdeo you’re an embarrassment to your people. Your whining and complaining is worst than a woman during her period. My Lord do you listen to the things that come out of your mouth? no wonder you and Bheri are friends, you’re both abusive. Go away, Please.

  8. U know what I don’t get all these ministers could talk abt is what burnum did it what the pnc did he die so many years ago and they still with that bullshit. They had over 20yrs to make things right and all they did was build big houses for them selves, like is 23 years is not enough to build a country, I just spoke to my fiancé in Guyana and she said the water and light cut off every day so far since she was there an it’s over 2months now, it’s that what you call progress?! You people need to stop living in denial. What Obama need to do is stop the visas of guyanese if the government don’t change cause that would tell me that you people don’t need betterment, we all in the diaspora knows that the ruling party is corrupt and very thieving, it’s time for a change and you should change stop letting these people dictate your life.

  9. The only jump suit u gonna see is the one u will be wearing in the mental asylum when you hear the results that PPP HAS DONE IT AGAIN. VOTE FOR THE PPP!!!!

  10. Keep waiting, when you’re old and grey and on your last few days on God’s earth is when you will smell the coffee. By then it would be too late for you to not wait! Oh ye of little faith!!!

  11. I believe Jagdeo is scared of his own shadow.Is he afraid of what the elections result will be?Granger Is only saying what he believes the outcome will be,Jagdeo can make his own prediction too.The result of the elections willl determine who were the liars,I believe.This is so immature and childish.

  12. Didn’t Jagdeo have his own prediction about the 11% which the AFC had and he thinks is no longer there since the AFC has joined the APNU/AFC? This is just one of the many statements made by the former president whig are ridiculous sickenig to my stomach. I’m voting for common sense, not blatant disrespect for Guyanese people. The PPP are kicking themselves every single day with double standards and they have no sense of decorum. I will not vote for ignorance and corruption. A change is needed.

  13. the morally and ethically bankrupt ppp / government is at it again. after wanting to kick ass they moved to slapping math teacher and wanting to strip women naked now they gone to lashing people now!

    this idiot bharat jagdeo is a genocidal maniac and there is a cage reserved for him at the international criminal court in the hague. bharat jagdeo says he is a proud indian and he will be the first indian to be tried at the hague, watch and see.

  14. What is it with these jackasses? They slap, strip, now its lashes on backsides. Cannot wait to see them in their prison jump suits.


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