GECOM promises results in “fastest possible time”

A section of the stakeholder and elections observers

By Jomo Paul

GECOM Officials at the launch of the Media Centre.
GECOM Officials at the launch of the Media Centre.

[] – Chief Elections Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Keith Lowenfield has reaffirmed that the elections Body will be looking to deliver the results of the 2015 General and Regional elections as early as is possible.

Lowenfield made the statement while addressing stakeholders and elections observers at the launch of GECOM’s media center at High Street Kingston on Saturday May 9 – Guyana goes to the polls on May 11.

GECOM has come under pressure in the past for the lengthy delay in the processing of the elections results.

“We will strive to ensure that the final declaration is made in the fastest possible time,” Lowenfield assured.

The CEO indicated if all goes according to plan the elections results should be available by “late Tuesday, early Wednesday morning,” but quickly added that “it could be later too.”

“As they come in whether it be two three for five those will be the results we will give…once all the statements from the districts are in they will be a preliminary results relative to the district” said Lowenfield.

The CEO also reported that GECOM will be providing results to the public on a two hour basis as the Statements of Polls are received by the Commission.

A section of the stakeholder and elections observers
A section of the stakeholder and elections observers

He said that this will be done because all the statements from all the districts will not arrive at the command center at the same time.

Lowenfield also noted that a minimum of two commissioners will be there to sign off on each statement going in to the office of the CEO.

Meanwhile GECOM’s Chairman Dr Steve Surujbally said that political Parties should not place unwarranted pressure on the elections body to deliver the elections results.

“Political parties must have patience, nobody is here in GECOM to concoct anything…We will not sacrifice on expediency on the alt of accuracy,” Surujbally noted.



  1. I suspect,Lowenfield is prepared to do a competent job,unlike that which was done
    by one Gocool,who it seems,has disappeared into thin air,after allowing days to pass,before declaring the results,last time around.This announcement is WELCOME.


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