‘Baton-rape cop’ now accused of torturing Linden man

Devin Singh

Adina Bowen

[www.inewsguyana.com] – After being accused of baton-raping a young man in 2013 at the Timehri Police Station, Policeman Devin Singh, is again being accused of torture.

Singh and Rosyln Tilbury were jointly charged with assaulting Colwyn Harding while he was in custody at the Timehri Police Station between November 1 and 13, 2013.

Now Singh is being accused of the torture of Linden resident, Adina Bowen and others. Bowen is now in the Camp Street jail facing a joint charge of murder for which he claims he was beaten into confession.

Bowen’s relatives claimed that on May 05, Singh and other ranks swooped down on Bowen’s residence and arrested his fiancé Latisha Garraway while claiming that a firearm magazine was discovered in the home.

Bowen was not at home at the time, but when he found out that his girlfriend was arrested, he went down to the McKenzie Police station, where he was told of an allegation of murder against him. He denied the allegation.

Devin Singh
Devin Singh

Bowen’s relatives claimed that Singh and other officers proceeded to beat and torture him, “forcing a plastic bag containing a noxious gas that was sprayed from a black and red can and placed over Bowen head, suffocating and causing him to lose consciousness.”

Bowen told relatives that he was awaken by water being thrown to his face and more blows about his body, generally in the region of his abdomen and back. When he refused to sign what he now believes is a confession statement, he was again beaten until he eventually signed.

The Preliminary Inquiry into the charge of murder brought against Bowen, who is jointly charged with two others, is expected to be held shortly.


  1. MAX ya don’t read buddy you ain’t get de MEMO….. de PPP blogs got fired all 20 and counting….. NCN ghost staff….lol

  2. They need to rid the Police Force of these two bandits. as a matter of fact all criminal elements in law enforcement pretending to be Police Officers or Soldiers.

  3. These fools need to be jailed, I guess the ppp blogs sleeping? They all very quiet, what happen,

  4. Devin Singh an his colleagues need tobe tortured also then leave them for the tigers to eat t!em alive along with the ppp regime cause they involve in alot of the killings of innocent ppl of guyana..those dogs need to pay with t!em life

  5. We have a broken Police Force, let us seek the assistance of the U.K to train and supervise our Police, overseeing their performance and adherence to norms and procedures.
    Interrogation does not require physical or sexual torture and law officers who use these methods do not belong in the “Service”.
    Note that the lack of primary DNA analysis is impeding murder investigations.
    We can do this, look at how many Caricom countries are doing exactly this in their respective nations.

  6. Guyana Police Torture Epidemic!

    Devin Singh and his colleague Rosyln Tilbury jointly charge for torturing Adina Bowen at the Timehri Police Station are at being charged again for similar activities.

    This SS and Gestapo like operatives did as the please under the Bharatt Jagdeo administration with IMPUNITY.

    The end of the line is now. Justice MUST be done for those victims of this Deadly Duo of Torture. And anyone else who may have done similar things, while wearing the Official Police Badge or Uniform.


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