Bartica to get radio station by May


The town of Bartica is scheduled to have its own radio station by May 2017, Region Seven’s, Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford was quoted by the Government Information Agency (GINA) as saying earlier today.

The Bartica Learning Research Centre where the radio station will be housed

The establishment of the radio station, the Chairman said, means that the dissemination of information to the public will become much easier.

“Many times you would invite people, but how many people would come to a meeting to hear, and how many people would take the information they receive back their community? But, when we can speak on the radio and you tune in, we will be able to disseminate more information and people would have a better grasp and understanding of what we are really talking about,” the Chairman explained.

The Bartica Learning Research Centre has been identified as the building where the radio station will be housed, GINA said.

The Office of the Prime Minister recently advertised for bids for the construction of facilities for the Bartica Radio Station.

The aim of the government’s community radio stations project is to link the indigenous communities through communication. The established radio stations are all affiliates of the National Communications Network (NCN) and are broadcasting on the national frequency.


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