Handful protesting VAT increases says not giving up until ‘Govt budges’


A handful of persons, including students, stood in front of the Ministry of Finance earlier today to protest the implementation of 14 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) on private tuition, among others such as water and electricity.

With placards in hand, the protesters called for the Government to revoke the “tax burden” while positing to media operatives that for the incumbent Administration to impose the 14 per cent tax without consultation proves that “they intend to raise a generation of imbeciles.”
The protest was spearheaded by businessman, Roshan Khan who emphasized that the group was in no way politically affiliated.
“We are not political. We are just a group of people who are against this absurd taxation,” he stated.
Other students spoke out against the negative impact that the tuition tax has imposed upon their lives.
“I can’t afford this”, was the similar outcry.
Additionally, Khan said that after communicating with other members of society, he has observed that “not one single citizen is happy with this tax on education.”
He further noted that while he believes the President, David Granger, means well he is certain that the Head of State’s advisors are giving him ‘disastrous advice.’
Khan is calling on other members of society to come out and support the protest against the 14 per cent VAT increases and vowed to continue the protest until the government budges.



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