Banned UDFA Officials to meet tonight

President of the UDFA Sharma Solomon.
President of the UDFA Sharma Solomon.

[]The suspended officials of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) will meet later this evening to chart a way forward for themselves.

According to reports, President of the UDFA Sharma Solomon, was given an eight year suspension following the Guyana Football Federation’s Congress on Friday evening, while several other officials were given reduced sentences.

Each executive member of the Association including GFF Second Vice-President Collie Hercules have been handed a five year suspension.

According to reports, the entire committee was suspended following the Association’s decision to contest the final of the GT Beer Year end Competition on the same date as another tournament.

A congress before the last one had ruled that no other final should be played, except the Banks Beer Knockout Cup which was scheduled to be played on January 1.

However, the sub body held their tournament on the same date as the Banks Final which led to their suspension.

The entire committee will now be barred from partaking in any football related activities over their respective suspension periods.



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