Bandits rob NA Market stall, cart off stocks

The hole created in the wall to remove the items
The hole created in the wall to remove the items

Bandits yesterday burglarized a stall located in the New Amsterdam Market while managing in the process to cart off close to a quarter of a million dollars in stocks has been reported missing.

Tamika Benjamin told Inews that that morning she went to her stall, situated aback the market in an unsecured area, and as she got there, she opened up and spent several minutes before opening the main door.

Tamika Benjamin, Stall Owner

The woman noted that the items which she had placed on the floor were not in the shop. She also discovered that a board was removed from the back of the business place.

A board was apparently removed, and the perpetrator used a stick to pull whatever was possible.

A total of $232,000 in clothing and beverages was missing. The woman explained that 27 pairs of slippers worth $40,000 were also stolen, along with a quantity of sandals valued at $87,000.



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