‘Ball in Granger’s Court to bring back Amaila Falls legislation’ – PPP

APNU Leader, David Granger.
APNU Leader, David Granger.

Speaking at the People’s Progressive Party [PPP] weekly press conference today, Executive Member, Irfaan Ali says the ball is now in the court of Opposition Leader David Granger to bring back the legislation to revive the Amaila Falls Hydro project.

This comment was made in response to questions about the options available to the government to move ahead with the Amaila Falls Hydro project.

Citing reports carried in the media, Ali says the Opposition Leader stated he could bring back the Bills needed to take the project forward to the National Assembly.

And according to Ali this could be done as early as this week’s sitting.

Commenting on the revelations that led to the current situation of the project’s limbo, PPP Executive Member Robeson Benn, says there was the general understanding among the parliamentary parties that the project would go forward.

Cheaper power is also a promise outlined in the AFC and APNU’s manifestos. This is why; he says the opposition’s actions were astounding.

Benn, wearing the cap of the Minister of Public Works has once again resorted to begging the opposition to come around to a national position on the project, arguing that sabotaging the future is not an option. [Delicia Fletcher]




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