LIAT makes official flight to Ogle Airport


DSC04761Regional Air Carrier Liat today made its first official flight into the Ogle International Airport. The flight arrived in Guyana at 14:30h with a full load of 50 passengers coming from various Caribbean Islands.

Liat was scheduled to commence operations into Ogle last week, however due to internal issues, this was not possible.

Passengers of the inaugural flight noted that they were pleased with the way they were treated by immigration officials. Additionally, they stated that the flight was short and they are pleased with the decision to have Liat flying into Ogle.

Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn, who was present at the airport, stated that this has been a dream come true for the Government and the Private sector.

He said that while this will help resolve the issue of regional transport, they will be laying the foundation for Flights into South America.

Chief Executive Officer of Ogle International Airport Michael Correia Jr. said they were able to clear 50 passengers within half an hour.

Meanwhile, Security Consultant at the Airport Harold Hopkinson says they have taken all the necessary steps to ensure maximum security. [Akash Ramlackhan]



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