BACK TO BASICS: Opposition Leader addresses several well-attended community meetings – ahead of LGE

Residents of Enmore turned out in their numbers to meet with Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Monday evening
The Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has been doing its groundwork across the country with regard to meeting the populace at the ‘grassroots’ and community levels in the lead-up to Local Government Elections (LGE) which is just over two weeks away.
Spearheading these community-level meetings is the dynamic Leader of the Opposition, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo. For instance, over the past few days he held well-attended meetings in Best Village on the West Coast of Demerara; Patentia on the West Bank of Demerara; Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara; and  Enmore on the East Coast of Demerara – just to name a few.
During his most recent meeting with approximately 400 residents of Enmore on Monday evening, Dr Jagdeo spoke about the recently passed $230 billion Budget, the ailing sugar industry and the upcoming LGE, among other issues of national importance.
He told those in attendance that the PPP/C had fought for the rights of Guyanese during the two-week long budget proceedings in the National Assembly – the first week of debates and the following week considering the estimates.
However, Jagdeo said the efforts of the Opposition parliamentarians were in vain as the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Administration used its parliamentary one-seat majority to go ahead with its plans, despite objections and concerns raised.
Residents of Enmore turned out in their numbers to meet with Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Monday evening
Residents of Enmore turned out in their numbers to meet with Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo on Monday evening

One such objection, he posited, is the implementation of a series of tax increases, and in some cases, the introduction of new taxes. He pointed out to the gathering that instead of lessening the burden of citizens, Government sought to ‘further burden’ Guyanese.

Additionally, Jagdeo spoke about the crisis in the sugar industry and the fact that the coalition Government is not doing enough to support the industry and the workers. He elaborated on the Administration’s plans of shutting down the Wales Factory, putting workers on the breadline.
Moreover, the Opposition Leader also used the platform to talk about the upcoming Local Government polls, urging those gathered to go out and vote on March 18, so that they can have a say in who will look after the affairs of their community.
He also highlighted the importance of youths being involved in community-based activities and encouraged them to be active in activities that are aimed at developing the Hope West, Enmore, area.
Jagdeo at Non Pariel
Jagdeo at Non Pariel, ECD

On the other hand, those gathered at the public meeting heard from two PPP/C’s candidates contesting in the upcoming polls. Ramnarine Roopnarine and Mahadeo Panday both spoke about what they have in store for their respective constituencies if they are voted for.

The contestant outlined plans for prompt and reliable garbage collection, cleaning exercises and proper drainage facilities, among other things.
During the meeting, one resident raised concerns about the mining industry, particularly the gold sector. Dr Jagdeo, in his response, assured that the Opposition is willing to offer any assistance, if requested by Government, on reviving the industry.


  1. Amen-Ra
    Your PNC PROPAGNDA will never convince Guyanese that the PNC cares about them.
    The Petty Despotic Tyrant Burnham LOOTED the Guyana treasury and MURDERED many Guyanese citizens.
    The SAD irony is that “White-Mouth” PNC supporters would rather STARVE under the PNC Regime than prosper under any other Government!

  2. Amen-Ra it is not nonsense. It is factual. It is a known fact that the May 11th, 2015 elections were rigged hence the reason why this administration will go down in history as “Defacto” aka installed government. So put a sock in it.

  3. Jagdeo you have done an amazing Job for the people of Guyana! Even the Cane cutters were driving cars instead of Riding Donkey carts. Moses and Granger seem to have vision for the poor Guyanese to return to their days of riding donkeys….Bring back ferry services instead of making bridges….The PNC supporters will never acknowledge these facts because they could care less if starved under the PNC regime as long as they have power to get easy money by looting and stealing. Granger will soon follow Burhnam foot steps and become the world richest man while local Guyanese live in poverty. Lets hope Granger does not rig elections in the future to come and cling to power and run another Burhnam era for the Guyanese….based on last elections pictures and media videos, people were beaten @ polling stations, ballot boxes were floating in the demerara rivers…which suggest it was rig in the first place….Welcome Saddam days to Guyana…..

  4. Its about time Our Beautiful county ruled by the people you cares and know how to run a country. Hope all you people will VOTE to put PPP back in POWER!!


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