Amid accusations of rampant corruption, City Hall tries to improve financial accountability, service with new IT software


By mid-month at least 40 staffers from the Mayor and City Council’s (M&CC) Information Technology (IT) Department, Treasurer’s Department among others would have received complementary training for what is expected to further mordernise City Hall’s service provision through better computerisation of its operations.

For the next two weeks four staffers will be trained daily by Richard Langford, Head of Innosys; a local software company developing a new computer software that will improve Council’s financial management capabilities, the M&CC said in a statement this morning.

It said the Revenue Collection and Management System (RCMS) is 80 per cent complete and is expected to be running in a matter of weeks. Adunni Christian, Council’s Network Administrator said that RCMS has been in the making for some time and its primary aim is to “tighten Council’s accountability and handling of revenue.” He said there are many benefits associated with the system particularly in the area of revenue collection, transaction/ information management, and customer service.

Christian explained that currently, the Council’s system is an old version and is extremely limited in the number of tasks that can be performed at one time, and information circulated. He pointed out that while RCMS will be a “response web-based application”, the existing system is desktop based; meaning that whatever is done could only be accessed on that particular computer. For example, it was mentioned that the collection of rates and taxes is presently done by one cashier since the desktop application for that transaction is on that particular computer and cannot be easily accessed by other systems. This hampers the movement of information, wastes time and creates long customer lines.

Richard Langford and participant’s during yesterday’s training session
Richard Langford and participant’s during yesterday’s training session

“This new software seeks to adjust these constraints by allowing multiple cashiers to access the software at one time allowing for better service.” He said it will also ease the lines that customers sometimes endure.

Outside of this, the software allows authorities to better track all revenue movements and access information through better system integration. Christian related that the Treasurer’s Department, the custodians that oversee every transaction in the Council will be better able to manage all monies coming in and going out. They will also be able to see the movement of every transaction and its facilitator.

Hit by many financial hurdles in the past including widespread accusations of rampant corruption, Town Clerk Royston King said the Council is interested in solidifying its accountability and transparency capabilities as part of its image improvement programme.

“Many things have been said in the past, and the idea of corruption at the Council, though currently it is being propelled by agents, seems stuck in people’s minds.” King said, “It is the Administration’s job to reform our image just as we have reformed our city. This software seeks to us accountable to our citizens.”





  1. Is this the same R. Langford who works at the Guyana Revenue Authority…who (reportedly) scooped up $14 million from a crook (at City Hall). Now people, isn’t that a conflict of interest? Let us get those thieve…GRA needs to investigate its staff. Then again, he is one of them..

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