Authorities monitoring over 13,600 active Covid cases

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony during a Covid-19 vaccination drive in the country

Local authorities are monitoring over 13,600 active Covid cases and according to Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony, the situation is a bit challenging due to the volume of cases.

To date, there are 13,644 active cases with 153 in the hospitals countrywide. Of this amount, 20 are receiving care in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Dr Anthony, during today’s daily update, explained that the monitoring of infected persons has been decentralised.

“Each region has the responsibility for monitoring the people in their region,” he explained.

Monitoring includes regular checkups on Covid-infected persons who are in home isolation to ensure they are following all protocols and that they are recovering. In cases where patients’ conditions are worsening, it is oftentimes advised that they visit their nearest hospitals.

“If by any chance, their symptoms are getting worse, we advise them to come to the hospital,” Dr Anthony emphasised. He added, “it is challenge because of the volume of patients that we currently have.”

To date, 420,591 adults have received a first dose of a Covid vaccine, representing 82% of that population whereby 308,392 or 60.1% are fully inoculated.

For children aged 12 to 17, 32,237 or 44.2% have received their first jabs while 22,655 or 31% are fully vaccinated.

A total of 33,980 booster doses have been administered.