Authorities battling mosquito infestation in Berbice, but only 2 fogging machines available


A mosquito invasion has been affecting Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) for several weeks now and the Regional Health Services of Region Six are tackling it by means of daily fogging exercises.

However, according to the Regional Chairman, David Armogan there are only two fogging machines available.

The region is made up of 18 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) and three townships.

Armogan is of the view that the fogging machines available to the region are inadequate.

“I think we probably would need more fogging machines in light of the regularity at which these mosquitoes have been infesting the region and so I think I will approach the Ministry of Health to see if we can get some more fogging machines,” the chairman said.

He noted too that there will also be the need for additional transportation to take the machines around.

“We at the regional level don’t have enough pickups to do that kind of work and so we can solicit the help of the private sector if we have more machines.”

The Chairman is also of the view that fogging might not be the answer making mention of a recent function which saw many leave at about 18:00h when the mosquitos swarmed. He noted that special fogging exercises were carried out in the vicinity of that function in advance.

“The fogging was done the afternoon before and yet the mosquitoes just kept swarming in. They probably have to take a look at the chemicals that we are using and see if it is that the mosquitoes have become resistant to those things that we are using. There needs to be some kind of research into this thing because we are trying to push tourism and a lot of other things in the region and with this kind of mosquito situation it is going to deter people to some extent. So we have to be able to control this mosquito infestation that we are having in the region from time to time,” he pointed out.

Mosquitos dwell in the mangroves, which can be found throughout the region; along sections of the Atlantic, Corentyne River and Berbice River. Mangroves serve as a natural barrier, protecting inland ecosystems from flooding and saltwater intrusion. During the spring tides swarms are taken inland.