ASL says it was unaware missing Cargo Loader had a wife

Anjanie Gouden


Anjanie Gouden
Anjanie Gouden

[] – Air Services Ltd (ASL) is claiming it was unaware that its missing Cargo Loader, Dave Bisnauth had a wife and was only made aware of such, when the woman told the media that she was never contacted or offered any help from the company even though her husband went missing while on the job.

The man’s wife, 43 -year-old Anjanie Gouden, came forward to speak after she said she noticed that a billboard which was mounted on Main Street, Georgetown was removed. ASL is now asking that the woman make contact with the company’s Personnel Manager, at its Ogle Airport offices.    

ASL said it, “only learnt of a wife from the iNews item which stated that she came forward after she noticed that a billboard asking for support to continue a private search was removed from its Main Street location.”

The media release went on to add that, “it is now over four months since the ASL aircraft 8R GHE went missing on 28th December, 2014. At no time during these past 4 months was ASL contacted by anyone claiming to be the wife of the missing employee, Dave Bisnauth.”

David Bisnauth
David Bisnauth

Additionally, the release stated that, at one point it received a telephone call from someone purporting to be the husband of his stepdaughter, “but that person never responded to the request of our Personnel Manager to meet with us.”

Bisnauth worked as a loader at its Mahdia airstrip for several years and at no time was it told, ‘formally or informally’ of a wife or dependents, “nor was the company aware of any visits by family members while he was in our employ. We are however aware that prior to joining us, he was in touch with a sister who lives in Mahdia.”

Fifty-one year-old Bisnauth was employed by ASL three years ago and lived in the company’s facilities at Mahdia. He fathered two children with Gouden. The woman said he was the sole breadwinner of the family and since his disappearance she has had a rough time meeting ends meet.

The company says it has been in touch with family members of missing pilot Nicky Persaud and, “have met with them subsequently to make them aware of arrangements that ASL have in place for families of employees whose lives are lost in the line of duty.”




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