Armed bandits rob Bourda Market vendor


Two armed bandits yesterday robberymorning carried out a daring robbery at Bourda Market in plain sight of shoppers. Reports are the men approached the vendor, Goutie (only name given), at her wholesale grocery stall and robbed her of an undisclosed sum of cash.

Speaking with a section of the media, Robbie Ganraj (vendor), related that Goutie was tending to customers when the two men approached her asking the price for an item on display.

One of the men subsequently whipped out a gun and pointed it at her, demanding cash. The other gunman then relieved the vendor of her apron with the cash. The men then made their escape on foot through the eastern gate into Orange Walk, and proceeded towards Merriman’s Mall, then disappeared into a crowd.

INews was told that the ordeal happened in less than five minutes but more disappointedly no constabulary worker visited the vendor to take a report.

The traumatised and frustrated woman subsequently went to the police to make a report.

It should be noted that the City Constabulary Outpost is situated next to the market. However, vendors are alleging that although the outpost is situated in close proximity to the market, routine checks are not done by city constabulary.

Investigations are continuing.




  1. I can’t wait for the Municipal Elections. We need Councillors and other vibrant Officials who have people interests at heart to run this City .This is ridiculous , no market constable visited this vendor. These vendors pay their rental fees up to date. What a shame. We need more constables on foot patrol. We have to stop making excuses.


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