Armed bandits beat, rob Diamond residents during birthday celebration


The birthday celebration of a Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara resident turned into a nightmare when armed bandits stormed into her house on Saturday evening. At least one of the bandits was toting a gun.

Reports are that around 22:00h at 21st Street, Diamond, four men attacked the family and demanded cash and jewellery.

During the ordeal, two of the victims were physically assaulted. However, neighbours were not aware of the commotion owing to the loud music at the birthday celebration.

INews understands that the robbery was executed within minutes and the four bandits made good their escape into the dark of the night heading towards Kaneville Village, EBD.

According to a police source, the victims were traumatised and the two who were not injured were busy trying to help the others after the men escaped. They did not notice if the men left on foot or bicycle.

However, the source explained that coupled with the darkness of the night and lack of street lights in the area, it would have been difficult to pursue the armed men.

“You see, that area is like a canefield area, similar to a backdam. It leads into Kaneville, which is a known spot for petty thieves and other criminals to hide out sometimes. Without knowing where they went, what they looked like, or who we are looking for, then it would have been difficult to make arrests in 24 hours,” the police source explained.

Meanwhile, the injured family members were treated at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre and sent home. Investigations into the matter are presently ongoing.



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