APNU/AFC signals massive reform for tax regime


By Jomo Paul


David Granger makes a point during the discourse.
David Granger makes a point during the discourse.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Presidential Candidate for A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Brigadier David Granger has signalled the coalition’s intention to conduct a massive overhaul of Guyana’s tax regime.

Granger made the proclamation while fielding questions at a Guyana Women’s Round-table and Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC) coordinated forum held at the Theatre Guild on the evening of April 13.

Guyana’s tax regime has been of topical discussion for several years now with interest groups advocating for a general reform with the intent of reducing taxes in general.

Granger told the crowd gathered at the forum that if elected, an APNU/AFC government will pursue the establishment of a Tax Reform Commission.

A participant field a question to the panel.
A participant field a question to the panel.

The Presidential Candidate said “this is something we have examined before…we have made proposals for the reduction of the VAT which has not been approved….and proposals for raising the tax threshold.”
He explained that the Tax Reform Commission will be pursued with the general intent of raising the tax threshold, reducing Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax and reducing Value Added Tax (VAT) which currently sits at 16%.

Granger also spoke of the coalition’s intention to reduce the customs taxes that are being paid daily to import vehicles. He warned however that persons importing new vehicles will be able to benefit from lower taxes whereas persons who are importing older vehicles will have to pay more taxes.

He said that “it is a cockeye policy to tax new vehicles at such a high rate.”

He also pointed to the removal of any forms of taxation on the basic necessities that a household would need to survive on a day to day basis.




  1. Why are all these illerate people coming from an taking up politics in quest for power. Granger an Nagamooto talk whatever comes to there mouth. No common sense what so ever. Get raid of these people.

  2. Mr Granger Sir:
    Taxes is your main source of income.
    Just be warned.
    Kill the goose that lays the golden egg and we all will eat chanicrow for supper.

  3. Granger, Why you didn’t tell those young people why the PNC list has over sixty percent of old and worn crooks as against young people like Sharma Solomon, who the PNC is trying to kill. You’re such a fraud.

  4. Bankruptcy is being sought by PNC/AFC. They knows nothing realistic about economics. Listening to these people theory and plans would even confused the market vendors. The PNC are planning to bring back ERP. “Empty Rice Pot” They don’t care what destruction is caused In their quest to grab power,

  5. Promise is a comfort to a fool! When you lower taxes it has to be paid for some where else, where does Granger intend to satisfy the loss of income? From which magic source? Please don’t make promises and not an explanation of how you intend make it work. It all sounds nice to the ear but you are taking away income from the country and not enlightening the populace as to how it will be recuperated!! Blah blah blah, typical for those in the hunt and thirst for power!!


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