APNU+AFC militarization can threaten professionalism of Army – Jagdeo

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]


By Radha Motielall

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former President Bharrat Jagdeo says the move of former Army Chiefs into the political fold has broken trust between the Executive and the army management.

This comment was made by the former president during a media conference on Wednesday, April 22 at Freedom House, as he sought to defend his and the PPP/C’s legacy in relation to the military.

Former Army Chief, Gary Best recently endorsed the APNU+AFC Opposition Coalition and according to Jagdeo, given what he has observed of Best recently, he can now understand why Edward Collins was against Best being appointed Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force.

He added that Collins was “probably right” in relation to some of the claims he had made about Gary Best. Speaking particularly to the positions being taken by former military men to the effect that the PPP is bad and discriminates, Jagdeo questioned why then did these Army Chiefs accept the job to work with the PPP/C Government.

He said that he too “knows tons of things, but chooses not to say them publicly”; adding that if he does, Gary Best for instance will stay “quiet.”

Jagdeo said in retrospect, there was no real desire to go after the criminals in serious cases of crime, where the Army was enlisted to assist the police to fight against.

In this regard, he suggested that crimes such as the massacres at Lusignan and Bartica could have probably been avoided.

Former Chief-of-Staff Commodore Gary Best
Former Chief-of-Staff Commodore Gary Best

Meanwhile, addressing the case of discrimination, Jagdeo reminded that he appointed Winston Felix, Henry Green, Floyd McDonald, Edward Collins and Gary Best to head national security agencies.

Jagdeo also debunked the claims that he and the PPP do not like and respect the Army. In doing so, he stated that during his tenure as Commander in Chief, he always respected and supported the Army.

He recalled his instructions to the Management of the Army to ensure that soldiers acquired a skill before leaving the military, his directive to the Middle Management to get an education at the University of Guyana and his consistent increase in budgetary allocation and other resources to the military and stated that unlike Opposition Leader, David Granger, he [Jagdeo] gave the GDF his full support and respect.

He then proceeded to compare his association with the Army to that of Granger and reminded that the now Presidential hopeful did nothing for the Army.

He used the 1990s budgetary allocations to expose miniscule support for the Military while noting that Granger instead preached an ideology that the Party was paramount to the military.

Jagdeo said “this sudden love for the military” is baffling, when all Granger did was force the military to subvert democracy in Guyana.

He said given Granger’s unapologetic stance for the past, he fears that their accession to Government will result in a repetition of those situations, where the military will again be subverted to the rule of the Party.




  1. firstly what i cant understand about you is your obsession for the past, its like you are stuck in that era and it seems so is your thinking too. wonder how long will you hold on to what went wrong?. secondly you made reference about burnham had rodney killed , again if you have proof of this i suggest you come forward and prove it, show your evidence and all that you know. thirdly isnt it the same thing Dr. Jagdeo did, use roger khan to do the dirty work then sold him out the the US?, you made a point that the US is waiting to back Guyana up should Venezuela or Brazil attack however you forgot that Russia stop the great USA in Ukraine, the US was ready all guns blazing to bomb Russia however when Russia raised its war status the US got cold, then there is CUBA and oh yes China too. these are all countries that have a major problem with the USA above all that the USA cannot afford to fight a next war. another thing has the GDF or the GPF said that they pledge their loyalty to any political party?, the last time i heart the army head said his men & women are free to choose who ever they want to and that by it self says a lot and there is proof of that, and finally you some how forgot the fact between 1985 to 1992 what took place. please sir or what ever you are get your facts straight and then present them. i suppose you are in the USA if so do hear your leaders talking about the civil rights years ? NO .

  2. Hey James can you prove that it was not tax payer money that was used?, seeing that you know can you please provide proof of this. secondly why didn’t the “CHAMP” visit our MODERN HEALTH CARE FACILITY THAT HAS MADE QUANTUM LEAPS SINE 1992?,why spend million for a minor health issue?.

  3. This Mervin’s mouth is so filled with froth that every time he/she speaks or writes, it’s all froth. In all democracies, the Army is subservient to the democratically elected civilian government and takes its instructions from that institution. Of course, on issues of military strategies, the army plays a crucial advisory role. He/ she writes of secret deals with regards to successfully completed projects as if he/she has inside information, as if he /she was part of the negotiating process but couldn’t get some of the grapes and is now saying they are sour. A government packed with former military leaders is cause for concern for any government. Look at what is happening in Egypt, Thailand, Mayanmar (Burma). Closer home, most if not all the countries of Latin America, were once ruled- .ruined- by military dictatorships. When the former heads of the army give clear unequivocal support to a political party contesting an election, then it is cause for concern for the life of democracy and democratic institutions FROTHMOUTH

  4. What stupidity. You have to be bias. Granger’s militarization will save will save who? You got to be kidding. You should have your brains examine. People like you, should still be under Burnham. Section off a piece of Guyana and put you under Burnham. Even if he drove you into the ground, you will still praise him. Even if you get white mouth and confined to the uses of the famous coal pot, you will still believe in him. God help you and others like you.

  5. Appointing those people doesn’t mean you are not racist? I believe it is time for you to “tuck your tongue” back into your mouth and slink silently away, you are insulting not only your Guyanese people, but frankly, you’ve become an embarrassment to your nation and the rest of the world.

  6. You are so blinded by your propaganda,you will never see James.Your puppetry will always be your haven of rest.SLEEP ON PUPPET.

  7. I believe presently,the army is not professional,because Jagdeo and Ramotar are in control,these hypocrites who don`t even have any military experience,what a lop-sided situation.they don`t even know their left foot from the right.These jokers need to see Dr Beckles.

  8. Jagdeo`s Communism and CORRUPTION have continued to destroy Guyana and Guyanese Professional lives,but have made him a king without a throne,and will sooner than later destroy him.Granger`s militarization will save Guyana and Guyanese the embarrassment of suicides.Diarrhea will be your DEMISE.

  9. Bharrat Jagdeo is suffering from a massive attack of Jim Jones syndrome: die and take others with you!

    There is only one list explanation for this sudden race-based fear of the army that precedes his departure:
    1. fear of losing his massive pension,
    2. loss of state contracts for his best friend and associates,
    3. reviews of the Marriott, the Berbice Bridge and all secret deals and projects, 4. forensic audit of government books to reconcile hundreds of millions in unnamed accounts and
    5. probes into unsolved criminal acts under the Jagdeo regime.

    Bharrat Jagdeo has more to lose than the PPP does on May 11, and fear is causing him sleepless nights, which have resulted in his fearmongering. Problem is, he is alone in his preaching to a dwindling congregation.

  10. this thing whats called GDF was formed to protect PNC rulers…it has out lived its time and must be disbanded and have a real plice force and not the police farce we have now..fact…gdf did killed innocent people when moving ballot boxes..fact..burnham did not see jagan nor rodney as threat to him so as to kill him..burnham though rodney had infiltrated the gdf so burnham had to get his gdf to wipe he of the map..once u infiltrate gdf u done..only stupid people would believe other wise..can gdf defend guyana from an invading brazil – venezuela..no ..the UN would be taking care of that on guyana behalf..US sitting there ready willing able to put lash pon any of them for —-oil– police and gdf pledged their heart lungs kidneys votes to pnc and thats no problem but the problem comes when the start endorsing and joining pnc knowing pnc and gdf past..peole better be scared..ppp had their chance in 92 to get rid of this albatross thats hanging on the neck of the silent majority but failed to do so…as a matter of fact it was ppp that fed and gre this monster and cant contain it now..

  11. PNC stop your lies and distortions!! Our Champion flight to the USA was not paid for by Cabinet, or from the Government Coffer. I hope Williams and Felix can understand that Andrew has been misleading people under their payroll.
    You crooked PNC make me remember your AFC lover. Please Google to see.
    “Exposing AFC Deception and Corruptions”

  12. Well, well, well! This guy has shifted from back balling the army to bad talking them. This guy really needs to see Dr Phil when he next takes a chartered jet flight to the USA – at Taxpayers’ expense.


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