APNU+AFC manifesto leaked; details 14 point foundation plan for Guyana


By Jomo Paul


Capture[www.inewsguyana.com] – A leaked copy of the long awaited APNU+AFC joint manifesto surfaced on the internet late Thursday evening and detail several of the transformative plans that the coalition has in store should it be elected to office after May 11.

The manifesto details fourteen foundation that an APNU+AFC government would work on to see Guyana’s development while promulgating a 7% growth per annum even though some tax cuts have been promised by the coalition’s leaders and are detailed in the manifesto.

“APNU+AFC aspires to achieve rapid economic growth and lead Guyana to becoming the Singapore of the America’s through the creation of more jobs, better pay through development driven by the private sector in combination with the state and cooperatives,” the manifesto reads.

See a full copy of the manifesto here. ANU+AFC Manifesto





  1. Security men wants to do the job of Economists. A successful and Prosperous Economy should always be managed by business oriented type of Economists.
    Not by old retired soldiers! That would be square pegs in round holes again!!
    Under the PNC Dictatorship almost all offices had square pegs in round holes.
    Do we really want that again?
    I say Vote PPP! Vote for Continuous Growth and Development!
    Youths come and join the PPP as we Modernize this Beautiful Country.
    Don’t shut yourself out. Join hands with us now.
    Join Wealth! join Prosperity! Join the Progressive PPP!

  2. Will not waste my valuable time of this piece of shit but had a quick glance at one section because of my particular interest.

    The section on “Natural Resources and the Environment” lacked content and the little piece under this big heading was copied from the preamble of the UN Convention on Biodiversity. They cut and paste the three pillars of the Convention and in an effort to change up a few words they ended up with a contradictory and incoherent piece of crap. No one in that group know what is the difference between/among “natural resources”, “biodiversity” and “environment”.

    Not interested to see more.

  3. Joy I’m not sure how old you are or if you are old enough and lived through the 70s & 80s in this country. You would know that security has always been an issue with Guyana. To stop the flow of illegal fire arms from our pourous border is something that is quite challenging. Bare in mind that many of the gun related crimes being orchestrated are weapons that belong to the army. The same person you want to put in charge of this country has knowledge of how those weapons got into the hands of the criminals and to this date remains silent on this issue of national security. He was a senior officer in the GDF and has knowledge that he continues to withold. He has knowledge of what happens to Dr. Walter Rodney and he continues to remain silent in these issues. How can we therefore trust someone with that kind of background and character to take charge of this country?

    You speak of crisis! Crisis was when there were no proper roads to be driven on, when blackouts used to last for days and sometimes weeks, when water was running thru pipes the color of mauby, when flour was banned, when gas lines were 3 miles long, when housing was non existent, when basic necessities could not be met, when democracy was never exercised, when freedom of speech meant you might have been executed. To top it off the crisis was worsened when Guyana’s external debt was over the top and our koffers bare and emptied by the PNC.

    Many of the PPP members have been actually trained in politics and are actual politicians with the necessary knowledge and skills needed. To be a politician is an actual job, not because one holds a law degree and may present themselves as being educated it automatically qualifies them to be branded a politician.

    So what qualifies the PPP….Progress! Growth! Modernization! Education! Health! The list goes on and on!

    Security is an issue not only for country like Guyana but for countries that are in much better economic situations than Guyana.

  4. I am trying to figure out who in the PPP has the governance expertise to run this country. And how exactly did they get the expertise. Second one of our major crisis in Guyana is that of Security, why not have someone who has been trained to deal with Security be elected to deal with the crisis that this current government has us in?

  5. to u personally…what is ur definition of “unity” is???
    not going back very far ..but just the other day ok..
    Nigel Hughes and afro guyanese got his thugs to do some nasty things to indian people on agricola public road..i know u know about that..
    what action was taken by granger nagamoottoo ramjattan against their very own hughes so this kind of atrocity never happens again..
    ppp billboards and flags are being pulled down all across guyana because its election time…so far..u tell me what you heard granger nagamootto said about this wanton destruction..in the 60s to present this was going on by the said people..your leader and u remain silent but are very vocal for lets get a new guyana..i tell u want…when u see these nasty things happen…u must get in the face of your leaders and tell them this is wrong and u must condemn these atrocities in order to win hearts minds souls and most importantly votes..once your leaders remain silent then you looze..

  6. My concern is that the CRAPNU/AFC lack the expertise and experience regarding governance, as such it is not in the best interest of this country to bestow such responsibility on persons who are lacking the experience necessary to further pilot this country in a positive direction. We can’t consciously make the decision to input soldiers, policemen and lawyers who all are lacking in political experience to run the national affairs of this dear nation.

    The coalitions outright sabotaging of projects of national importance is a clear indication that their intention is not to work with the PPP, but rather to create an atmosphere of doubt and somehow crawl their way to the helms of leadership. In light of their decision to shut down key projects such as the Amaila falls hydro project, the airport expansion, the slashing of the Amerindian funds as well as the specialty hospital and most importantly, the stance taken against the anti money laundering bill! They have created enough doubt about their own characters and credibility as it relates to their interest of the Guyanese people and development of our country as a whole.

    Guyanese people must remember where we were 30 years ago, to where we are today. What the PPP inheritied was an economy in complete shambles with external debt already covering our heads. Guyana today is the fastest growing economy in the Caribbean, considering what it was pre 1992, it is an accomplishment not only for the PPP but to all Guyanese who have worked with blood, sweat and tears to ensure that growth was positive. It is with this positive growth that we are able to enjoy the freedom we exercise in our country today.

    If the PPP was able to transform this country in such a short space of time, it was done so with much thought and skillful planning. Guyana can continue to grow and grow at a much faster pace than it is currently doing however we need to provide cheaper means of energy and a golden opportunity was lost when the CRAPNU/AFC voted against that critically important hydro falls project. With that decision by the opposition, Guyana’s growth will stutter and the 7% growth rate that is spoken about in the opposition manifesto can only be materialized when cheaper energy means are realized. The vote against the anti money laundering bill will also slow Guyana’s growth rate.

    Those two important national projects should be used as an example of the kind of political immaturity that one can expect from the CRAPNU/AFC opposition. On May 11th, a clear message should be sent and the opposition must be told that Guyana will not, cannot and should not be stagnated and be used by them for political mileage.

  7. I am urging young people,Read this manifesto!!! Give Unity a chance for there is lot in here for you and our Country at large.

    Lets make this a new Guyana come May 11th!!!!!


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