Muslim community leaders endorse APNU+AFC


APNU+AFC Officials meet with Leaders of the Muslim Community. [Kojo McPherson Photo]
APNU+AFC Officials meet with Leaders of the Muslim Community. [Kojo McPherson Photo]
[] – APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate Brigadier David Granger and Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo along with other Coalition leaders, on Thursday April 23, met with prominent representatives of the Islamic Community in Guyana.

The group which included members of the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex- ACIC, and other religious leaders, outlined a list of concerns facing the Muslim community in Guyana.

A press release from the coalition said that during the meeting, the Muslim leaders signaled their endorsement of the APNU+AFC coalition. The Islamic leaders stated that it was time to put an end to the moral decay of society and for the development of Guyana to have a human face.

“In endorsing the APNU+AFC, the Muslim leaders noted that Guyana needed a fresh start, and that people were placing great expectation in the APNU+AFC. Some of the issues raised included rampant crime, corruption, governance and the moral decay of the society,” the release noted.

In a press release, Brigadier Granger said one of the primary missions of the Coalition is the achievement of National Unity. Granger said, “Many of our problems will be solved if we can achieve national unity,” according to the release.

Granger assured the gathering that their concerns would be addressed by an APNU+AFC in government and promised that his administration would maintain contact with the religious community.

According to the release, the APNU+AFC Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo in his remarks said that much had gone wrong in Guyana.

“Guyana is a pleural Society and all are entitled to co-exist.” Nagamootoo said that the Islamic community must be a partner if the country was to recover from the current moral decay; “the Islamic community must help, if we are to recover lost values.”

Some of the prominent Islamic leaders who attended were Raheema Rahaman, Hakeem Khan, ReyazHusein, Fazil Azeez, Hakim Khan and Fazal Ali.



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  3. So now that the coalition has once again lied to citizens of this country that the Muslim leaders and society endorsed them, how can any conscientious individual vote for these charlattans. They are going all out in their quest for power and this shows how low they are willing to go! Imagine using a persons religion to gain mileage??? Shame shame on CRAPNU and AFC.

  4. jammer let meh hint yuh up likkle bit…getting lil drips ah wata from rusty pipe is far better than hvaing no pipe period..u can eat roti and have bread in your possesion now and not having to fear u might be jail jammie bana..u only see what u want to see so dont knock those who live through hell ok..u can leave guyana wil loads of money now while back in those days u were only allowed 15 gy dollars…so stop your dago down whisper..jammie i got one for ya..guyana was run on 4 cents for every dollar it collected t…the rest went to service your pnc go dee debt..u tell me what is it today …

  5. That group of so called Muslim community leaders endorsing the ”Muslim Community” is only representing themselves. It would be interesting to know which community they are representing. Let them identify those ”Muslim Community” so that every Muslim in Guyana will see through their shallowness, opportunism and self aggrandisement. As individuals they have every right to align themselves with any political party but to go out publicly and say they represent the Muslim Community is plain crassness. Did they have any consultation with the community that they are supposedly representing? Let them come out clearly and put to rest if they had, any doubts among the Muslim population of Guyana .
    Who made them ”Prominent Muslim Community Leaders”? HARKATI
    They are in for a shock of their lives from members of the REAL MUSLIM COMMUNITY LEADERS..

  6. In a press release, Brigadier Granger said one of the primary missions of the Coalition is the achievement of National Unity. Granger said, “Many of our problems will be solved if we can achieve national unity,” according to the release.
    In opposition Danger Granger never worked on security concerns but as President he will call off the dogs of war.. member of PPP said: He will not join afc…oh how they ask and ask and beg and beg but he will not be a nakamakaharam and join dem…well he is worse than a namakaharam now..naga not only joined afc be the might namakaharam is a full out PNC these muslims speak for all muslims all across guyana…there was a time when nagamoottoo and his hindus had nothing better to do than to attack muslims _ fullaman- nagamoottoo knew this..then PNC came along and wiped that religion war out..nagamoottoo hindus had to deal with the pnc thugs who see hindus and muslims indians as one –the enemy– to pnc..the muslims ah watch naga carefully…he would seel he soul to get back at jagdeo and ppp who kicked he old ass out.

  7. I’m too young to remember the pnc but I have travelled and live abroad and I know for a fact that guyana is in a crappy state and after 23 years of reign it is unfair to talk about how the country was in pre 92 days.
    This is 2015 and any honest person cannot deny that the country is being misgovernment.

  8. Yaay: Juss like old times ‘Hoooosane’ Ghanee and his muslim Paaty! called GUMP!
    Iz dat nat AMNA Ally?
    Now if yall doan kno she fadda, hask me.
    Is Im nat a barn PNC?

  9. Granger has proven to lack intuition to be a leader, one without vision. Recently Granger told some PNC low life in Canada that Guyana has a brain drain problem, meaning he and the PNC has a brain/thinking problems.
    Now the PNC embracing a small group of Muslims. Even God wouldn’t help these terrorist. That the same sect that is murdering our Christian brethren by the thousands all over the World in the name of Allah.
    Granger Muslim brothers does not speak for the true Muslims who does not subscribe to jihad. We must not be fooled, Islam has many sect. The evil set of Muslims called themselves “the Islamist State”

  10. Talking about things that was worse than it is now is a total waste of time. U people talk about crime, corruption, governance and moral decay, I just want u to take a good look at it now and try very hard to remember what it was like under the PNC.


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