APNU REO walks out of RDC meeting after criticisms by AFC Councillor


The Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) Regional Democratic Council (RDC) statutory meeting came to an abrupt end when Regional Executive Officer (REO) Dennis Jaikarran walked out of the meeting on Tuesday and instructed all regional staff to follow suit.

At the time of the walkout, Government Councillor Nathram was addressing the RDC on the behaviour of the REO at the last sitting of the RDC. During Nathram’s presentation, the REO tried to dispute what the Councillor was stating, but was asked to take his seat and allow the Councillor to make his point.

However, this angered Jaikarran, who then got up and instructed the administrative staff to leave the Anna Regina boardroom as he walked out of the meeting.

Following the walkout, Nathram expressed much disappointment at the act, pointing out that the RDC has been unable to meet for the past two months.

There has been tension between the REO and the Regional Vice Chairperson, Nandranie Coonjah, who has been acting in the capacity as chairperson since Chairman Devanand Ramdatt is on annual leave. However, according to Nathram, the REO has refused to recognise Coonjah as the acting chairperson.

At Tuesday’s sitting, as Councillor Nathram tried to explain that in the absence of the Regional Chairman, the Vice Chairman is by law responsible for chairing the RDC, the REO attempted to rebut Nathram.
Meanwhile, Coonjah said the RDC has decided to write the Communities Minister on the REO’s behaviour.



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