Minibuses should not fuel up with passengers onboard – Code of Conduct


Minibuses are now prohibited from fuelling up their vehicles while passengers are on board, according to the Code of Conduct.

The practice of minibuses dipping into gas stations with passengers on board is an all too familiar routine, which many have complained about in the past.

For example, the main contention is that it is time-consuming, and inconveniences travellers, especially those on a time-crunch.

The Code of Conduct, which was officially launched in February 2019, was compiled through efforts of the Business Ministry, the Guyana Police Force, the National Road Safety Council and the United Minibus Association.

It is intended to improve the public transportation service sector to ensure that commuters’ rights are respected.

“The Code of Conduct will regulate that relationship between the public transportation providers (minibus/hire cars) and the travelling public and requires exemplary conduct by members of this sector while they are serving commuters,” the Business Ministry said in the document’s foreword.

Apart from the rule regarding when to fuel up their vehicles, the code stipulates that minibuses must be equipped with fire extinguishers and bin receptacles.

The other codes are more general and they deal with the playing of loud music and treating passengers with respect. In particular, it mandates that minibus operators must not discriminate against passengers.

Most of the codes are actually in accordance with the law. For example, it bans texting while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, adhering to speed limits, and ensuring all motor vehicle documents are up to date.

The document, which has been officially released to the public, is silent on penalties for those who violate the code.

However, it noted that the implementation will be carried out by the Consumers Affairs Division of the Business Ministry with support from other stakeholders.


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