APNU considering youth for PM position; Presidential Candidate still to be chosen


By Fareeza Haniff

APNU Leader, David Granger flanked by Chairman of the youth arm of the PNCR, Ryan Belgrave; Executive Member, Nia Gonsalves (right) and General Council Member, Malika Ramsey. [iNews' Photo]
APNU Leader, David Granger flanked by Chairman of the youth arm of the PNCR, Ryan Belgrave; Executive Member, Nia Gonsalves (right) and General Council Member, Malika Ramsey. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) will formally launch its campaign on February 20, according to its Leader, David Granger.

Although social media has been abuzz that he will lead the Party at the next regional and general election, Granger explained that a Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidate has not been chosen as yet.

He admitted however that a youth candidate is “actively” being considered.

“APNU has not selected a Presidential candidate and when that happens, it will be announced. The process has not started… the APNU has applied a formula which gives representation to geographical areas, gender, competence, occupation…so we have a range of considerations which will be applied in selection of candidates,” the Party Leader explained.

He further noted that these are not “absolute” criterias.

“You don’t put somebody simply because they’re young and they might be stupid; you want to put somebody who is competent and satisfies the other critierias. We want to put people from the hinterland, the coastland; people who are from different occupations. We’re looking for a balance.”

The ruling People’s Progressive Party has decided to stick with Donald Ramotar as its Presidential Candidate while the battle is on for the post of Prime Minister.

The Alliance For Change (AFC) is also yet to make any official announcement on who will their candidates as they continue coalition talks with the APNU.


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  4. What we need to do is study what we and the PPP will do about all the garbage,drugs,lawless contractors,and how to give each and every Guyanese a better living. Guyanese have lost the respect for everything and its looking very bad so many young indians trying to get rich true DRUGS. The list of so many young people involved in crime,drugs,murder, is call for each and everyone of us to take a stand,
    Lets put aside all the crap and start working as we were in the past, Elections is not going to solve the the war on drugs, we all need to take a stand. I am not saying that other races are not involved we all know that, what is striking is they seem to be a wave of new faces in every type of crime, this never was the case. Are we so taken up in getting rich that we forget the way our parents brought us up. Lets work to build a better Guyana.

  5. APNU should give their Presidential position to Moses Nagamootoo and the Prime ministerial position to Clinton Urling. Granger should settle for the shadow Home Affair Minister. In that way the AFC can continue to piggy back on the main opposition for the next ten to fifteen years, while the PPP continues to modernize our beautiful Guyana.


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