Two busted attempting to smuggle 20 pounds of cocaine through CJIA


IMG-20150130-WA002[] – Two persons are currently in police custody after they were caught attempting to smuggle cocaine through Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) early Friday morning, January 30.

A press statement from the CJIA stated that a man, who identified himself as Kenneth Jones, presented forged documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Airport Duty Office (ADO) indicating he was carrying out protocol duties for two individuals – Mahendra Ramsuchit and Rohbina Basdeoram.

The two individuals, according to Jones, were relatives of a Government official. However, thorough security checks revealed the trio to be impostors.IMG-20150130-WA000

Ramsuchit and Ms. Basdeoram, a Canadian citizen, both 29, were expected to depart CJIA for Toronto on Fly Jamaica flight OJ 157.

Powdery substance was confirmed as cocaine concealed in the duo’s carry-on luggage. The weight of the substance is estimated to be some 20 pounds is yet to be confirmed by drug analysts.

Police are looking for Jones and the CJIA is also carrying out an investigation into the incident.




  1. None of these fools learn from the king of drugs, Roger Khan who think he was the LAW. Sorry you run until till you run out your own shoes,,JAIL them ,,,,,,,

  2. These people and all future passengers should know by now the consequences for being caught with illegal drugs .They should be given the maximum sentence for their stupidity.

  3. the bermuda woman caught with 551gms of cocaine was sent away for 4 years and fined three times the street value of the drugs.

    let us see how many years these three would get and if the fines will be three times the street value of the cocaine they were involved with.

    brace for the inconsistency and double standard!

  4. Wow 20 lbs of drugs I think each of the 3 people should receiver 20 years in jail each with out parole


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