APNU/AFC’s actions clearly show they do not want int’l observers here – Jagdeo

Bharrat Jagdeo addressing media operatives encamped outside of the Arthur Chung Conference Centre

The APNU/AFC Administration’s COVID-19 Task Force has been authorising flights to land in Guyana even amid the restrictions, however, requests by international observers to fly here have been denied.

According to the General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Bharrat Jagdeo, this “clearly shows they do not want the presence of International Observers to come here.”

Jagdeo was at the time interacting with members of the media outside of the Arthur Chung Conference Centre – where the recount is currently ongoing.

Several international observers – including the Carter Center – have not been granted permission to fly to Guyana to observe the recount exercise.

So far, bi-partisan members of Congress and the Senate of the United States of America have called on the David Granger -administration to allow the international observers to come to Guyana.

Jagdeo told reporters that: “I hope that President Granger heeds the call of both the Senate and the House of the USA and civil society and all the political parties to give permission for the observers to come back in.”

Jagdeo reminded that at least eight flights were given special permission to transport ExxonMobil workers from all over the world, but the APNU/AFC Government has constructed various obstacles citing COVID-19 concerns to block the observers from coming here.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo also used the opportunity to shut down the “frivolous report” being made by APNU/AFC agents that persons who are dead and have migrated voted in the March 2 polls.