US Senate in bi-partisan call for return of Carter Center, IRI observers …wants recount to be free, fair & transparent

US Senator, Marco Rubio
US Senator, Marco Rubio

In a rare show of bi-partisanship in the United State of America Senate, five top-tanking Senators from both the Republican and Democratic parties have called directly on caretaker President David Granger to allow the Carter Centre and other international observers to monitor the recount exercise of the March 2 Regional and General Elections to confirm the integrity of the process.

In a letter to the caretaker President of Guyana which was also signed by the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen James E. Risch, the Senators urged: “As friends of Guyana, we are closely monitoring the recount and support that it be conducted in a free, fair, and transparent manner. A crucial part of this process is that credible international observers be allowed to return to Guyana and be given free and unfettered access to all aspects of the recount in order to confirm the integrity of the process.”

See below full text of the letter released by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this morning: