APNU+ AFC predicts 62% win at May 11 polls

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition, Brigadier David Granger. [iNews' Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition, Brigadier David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition, Brigadier David Granger and WPA Member, Dr Rupert Roopnarine [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC Coalition, Brigadier David Granger and his team are expecting to receive between 58 % – 62% of the votes on May 11 when Guyanese head to the polls.

At a news conference on Friday, May 08, the Presidential Candidate reminded that in 2011, the APNU and AFC were able to acquire 51% of the votes combined.

As such he noted that the coalition is now looking at an additional of 7% to 10% of the votes.

According to Granger, “there is a large uncommitted voter population, they are uncommitted. From the studies that we have seen and it is our view that we will be able to tap into that uncommitted voter population.

“People are appalled at the level of corruption of this country; people are appalled at the level of crime and failure of the PPP to deal with criminality, people are appalled at the level of cronyism which continues and the PPP seems to have lost any sense of objectivity.”

The Presidential Candidate noted that the ruling People’s Progressive Party is sliding towards a fall from power in the 2015 general and regional elections.

He said the Party has been in decline for several years as its “core” supporters deserted the Party in disgust.

“The PPP’s electoral performance has been declining over the past eighteen years. The PPP claimed 220, 667 votes in the controversial 1997 general and regional elections. Its tally fell to 210,013 in 2001. It then fell to 182,156 in 2006. It finally crashed to 166, 340 in 2011 when it lost its majority in the National Assembly to APNU and the AFC,” Granger told the news conference.

He further noted that Ramotar’s brief presidency has been plagued by a wave of angry public protests, highlighting protests on the coastland – from paddy farmers, public servants, university lecturers, human rights activists and other groups. There were also protests in hinterland communities – from the Indigenous people living there and in Bartica, Mabaruma, Mahdia, Lethem and Port Kaituma.

“The result is that the PPP is now facing a ‘tsunami’ of troubles which grows more threatening by the day,” the APNU+AFC Presidential Candidate said.



  1. Agreed Slymongoose. PNC under the disguise of the APNU/AFC will not accept the results. Mayhem will follow on the streets of Georgetown.

    Georgetown is not the only deciding factor for the elections but rather rural Guyana hence this is where PPP/C supporters are.

    PPP/C supporters are not taking chances this election and will head out in numbers.

  2. ”When the votes are counted and the dust is settled the PPP/C will be victorious.”
    This is wishful thinking WEST DEM. We all know that APNU+ACF will not accept the results. Experience is a good teacher and the experience of one section of the Guyanese population won’t be forgotten that easily.
    The dust will not settle after the votes have been counted and the PPP/C declared the winner. The PNC in the form of APNU will kick up a storm and missiles will fly, the flames of fire will dance in the air, dark smoke belching, beating of men women and children if you have a different hair texture publicly. Yes, it happened before and the wolves in sheep’s clothing are crouched and ready for action.



  3. LOL. Granger & Naga dreaming big. Well valentine couple keep on dreaming.

    Grass root supporters of the PPP/C are coming out in numbers to vote on Election Day. I am on the ground talking to these individuals. Many who did vote in the last election will exercise their franchise in favour of the PPP/C.

    Georgetown is a sea of green with a hint of yellow however flags does not constitute votes it is people.

    When the votes are counted and the dust is settled the PPP/C will be victorious.

  4. Mr Granger and his gang which now includes the disgraced AFC are giving their supporters false hopes just like what they did in previous elections. When the results didn’t go their way, the disappointment turned to violence, arson, looting and all forms of physical and psychological warfare against one section of the population.
    Mr Granger is so full of confidence that his prediction of that percentage of voters that will vote APNU +AFC is nothing more than a pie in the sky dream unless he has all plans and players in position to rig on a massive scale to win by such a wide margin. It is a signal of things to come when they would have been given the biggest disappointment after the PPP/C is returned to power

  5. Granger, ow Granger I really feel sorry for you. This is why I said the PNC should not have sideline Sharma Solomon.
    The PNC made the biggest mistake by putting a soldier to do maths and do what an Economist should do.
    Anyway I think the PNC/AFC are setting the stage to protest the PPP victory.
    Don’t forget the world is really observing what is going on in Guyana.

  6. Knowing fully well they can’t win by that margin, they are once again creating a situation that will be marred by violence. When will the PNC stop with this, they have historically precipitated every act of violence and unrest at every election period. It is quite an over ambitious announcement to make and these charlattans will stop at nothing in their pursuit of power. Just as they have emasculated their own party and that of their characters over the years, so too if given an opportunity will do same to Guyana and its economy. Their condoning of violence and aggression once again is a A CLEAR indication that these people do not the Guyanese people’s interest at heart. It is time the Guyanese people put the nail in the coffin of the PNC, PNCR, PNC1, CRAPNU, AFC, coalition and let the Guyanese economy and development of this beautiful country continue to grow and thrive. May 11th vote for the cup! Vote PPPC!

  7. 62% ? Gwaan to hell !
    But then again, this a learned strategy of whipping up the collective voters and supporters of the Opposition into a frenzy 60 hours before the Polls.
    It happened before and it is within the nature of the beast, now with ever increasing military men !!! God help we all !!!!
    The Observers should take significant note of this !!!
    All pro government supporters needs to ensure that their phones and camera batteries are fully charged so that they keep a steady video of the PNC thugs and thier recycling methods in the historical polling places where the PNC did their thing.
    The PPP/C needs to ensure that they secure their jerseys etc and it is not stolen and PNCites and AFCites put them on, cause trouble then claim it is PPP and Civic doing that…. a word to the wise…

  8. Yeah right! Vote PPP and build a better future for the children of Ramoutar, Gail, Luncheon, Chanderpaul, Rohee, Ramson etc.

  9. When you dream. …you dream big…lol. I just want the general public to know that the only reason the opposition got that one seat majority is because. …and I say this with deep regret that it’s people like me who didn’t go out and vote who caused it. This is why I am appealing to all the PPP supporters to go out and vote and don’t be intimidated by the hooligans of the opposition like I was. The only reason they do that to us is because they know we are the majority. Go out and vote so we can shut them up once and for all. We want peace and they want war. We want prosperity and they want poverty. VOTE PPP AND BUILD A BETTER FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN. Keep dreaming Danger and friends.

  10. Granger is dreaming in the day ,he is hoping that all the guyanese are fools like him and Nagga,all the budget cuts,is the killer for the opposition,all the promises that he cant explain how he will deliver ,what a day dreamer,take Nagga and go on a honeymoon before monday because is trouble after monday when the 11% cant be delivered.


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