“Unfortunate & frightening” – Urling describes Buxton experience

APNU+AFC Supporters at the meeting in Buxton

By Tracey Khan – Drakes


APNU+AFC Supporters at the meeting in Buxton
APNU+AFC Supporters at the meeting in Buxton

[www.inewsguyana.com]– Candidate on the list of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Clinton Urling says the incident on Thursday evening in Buxton, East Coast Demerara where members of the PPP/C, including incumbent President, Donald Ramotar were threatened and verbally abused by some residents was “unfortunate.”

Urling told iNews during a telephone interview that the situation was a frightening one for anyone to be in since the residents were very hostile to the PPP members.

Approximately 100 persons in Buxton, mainly supporters of the APNU+AFC coalition, heckled and booed President Ramotar, ministers and other official during a political meeting in the village.

According to Urling, at one point the residents even, “rushed towards the President and tried to block his vehicle from passing, while hurling threats at him.”

“It was very difficult for a number of us to make our presentation…I took the opportunity when they rushed to the President to go in the opposite direction and I was walking going to my car and there were a lot of verbal abuse being hurled at me…I know some people who came up with us but they weren’t on the stage but they felt fearful and they felt threatened by the actions that they felt last night.”

In condemning the action of the residents, Urling noted that while he was head of the social change organization, Blue CAPS, calls were made to political parties to ensure that they “keep it clean.”

“That kind of behavior is the same kind of behavior that we’ve been talking about…and we also asked political parties to look at their own supporters and ensure that their supporters don’t get into that.”

Meanwhile, APNU Co – Chair, Dr Rupert Roopnarine told a news conference on Friday, May 08 noted that

Vigilant Police Officers in the crowd at Buxton
Vigilant Police Officers in the crowd at Buxton

the Coalition will do everything within its power to retrain its supporters from using excessive action.

 “There is such a surge of hope among the people that if the detect themselves that there are deliberate attempts to frustrate they will of the electorate, then I fear that the people are going to be very difficult to restrain… we have been very careful to stress that to the people that we want a peaceful election and a peaceful post-election period and we have urged people to stay calm,” Dr  Roopnarine said.

He went on to add that even though they continue to call for peace and full acceptance of the elections results post May 11 “a lot of that will depend on the course of events on election day itself…we cannot sit here and tell you that we anticipate throughout the 10 regions of this country that there is going to be absolutely no interference with people’s right to vote, to have their votes counted at the place of poll, we’re doing everything in our power to ensure that it happens.”

Meanwhile, Presidential Candidate of the APNU+AFC, David Granger in defending the residents noted that there was no disorder post the 2011 elections and he believes that the residents are reacting to the provocation by the PPP/C.

“We believe that our supporters are capable and willing to behave in an orderly fashion, the provocation has been coming from the PPP and people are very angry at the murder of Courtney Crum-Ewing and we had to restrain, recently after Mr. Fazil Azeez met us with a delegation he was shot, he has now lost a kidney we felt that it was a provocative action.”



  1. To date those PNC violators are not charged of their crimes and no PNC Evil’s came out and condemn those BAMSY women for skinning up in front of the police officer and children.
    Vulgarity is the NORM of the day by PNC women.
    Repent PNC! Turn away from your wicked ways and seek help from God’s mercy.
    Turn away now before the wrath of GOD is come upon you PNC!

  2. Carass is one of the fishes that can be caught easily,don`t ask me why,think for yourself.I believe,politicians should be aware of actions that will be taken against them,even before they pay a visit to certain communities,and try not to fan the flames of fire when they get there.Eventually,they will pay the consequences for their ignorance.

  3. Urling,I believe,you may be too young in politics not to expect this kind of behavior,especially if you are condemning and criticizing other politicians whom these people may feel will do a better job than the incumbent did. I am not condoning any bad behavior,no way,but people are humans,and that`s how some
    individuals behave.Cheddie Jagan and Forbes Burnham were presidents who were heckled and abused as well,what about you?

  4. There is nothing that the gov`t can do for these people that will make satisfy,all they want is for the PNC to win,even if they have to starve like before 92 that is ok for them,just need to know that PNC is in power so they can get to loot the stores of the hard working people and get credit for it,remember when Blackie was taken down how they placed the flag on his coffin?that is the mentality of these PNC goons,god help us after monday`s result.

  5. What else did you expect? After neglecting the needs of that community for twenty three years and demonizing the character of it’s members not forgetting the promise made by janet Jagan to make that very community a burial ground which she did .

  6. What were they doing in Buxton? When the backlands in Buxton were being bulldozed by this wicked regime and the people wanted to talk to the President where was he anf the group who now show up to beg for vote? They forget but the people did not

  7. What a sight for that Police Officer!
    Is that the same woman who urinates (PISS) on the Government flag?
    I am sure that is not Vanessa Kissoon nor the set of Bamsy women from Linden.
    Is that a new way to teach PNC children?
    Is this enough proof of PNC women provoking our men?
    Where are the women groups?
    Where are the women rights group?
    Can some so called groups please condemn the PNC women vulgarity! Please!

  8. The people’s needs were neglected??? I’m sorry but what did the PNC do for Guyanese and Guyana except create an atmosphere of negativity and come every election time they used the race card to put fear in the Indian populace!!! This government has worked for 23 years to bring this country back on the right track and instead of your CRAPNU and AFC members objecting to the violence and aggression at this time they are condoning it saying it’s ok for their supporters to piss on the flag of the PPP and to throw bottles and stones at their members!! I can tell you this, the PPPC will win this election and should your CRAPNU and AFC members not take defeat maturely and instigate violence, the PPPC supporters will not be bullied or allow themselves to be taken advantage of! Again, as I said in a past post, LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE!!!

  9. Apart from being a sourpuss, Rupert Roopnarine is revealing his true colours !!!! He was the one accumulating guns for overthrow of the very PNC so he has the penchant for violence…. we cannot expect any different to say the least…

  10. Ha ha ha
    caveman mentality.
    brainwashed and ready for the new education.
    line up bagabooboo too.

  11. Buss – up shat!
    Watch out this is nat roti.
    Disgraceful display.
    Expect more from these unmannerly pnc/APNU/AFC/Demerara waves/Stabroek News/Kaiteur news. This type of stuff will sell newspapers like crazy!

  12. The PPP is the party of righteousness. The PPP has protectec oir lives with security, good salaries, opportunities for all and no discrimination.
    The PPP is so amazing, that, in desperation to protect the citizens from the criminals, formed and hired their own hunting squad. Because criminals in the streets has nothing to do wth te lack of education/support/system of the last 23 years… No… All those criminalsout there, they’re related to Burnham!

  13. I don’t condone violence of any sort; but Mr. Urling, you are aware that the PPP party and it’s leader have neglected the Guyanese people for the longest time; taking an interest in their needs, complaints and building a good relationship was never on the agenda, until now, that they need the people’s votes, you show up. I can guarantee, that this incident would never have occurred, if the people weren’t neglected. You can only squeeze “something,” in this case, people, for so long before it pops!


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