APNU, AFC must agree to Amaila Project – Sithe Global

President of Sithe Global, Brian Kubeck
President of Sithe Global, Brian Kubeck

The Amaila Falls Hydropower Project will only move forward if the opposition political parties arrive at a consensus.

This point was reiterated by Sithe Global officials in a press statement on Tuesday evening [August 6].

“Amalia Falls Hydro Inc. (AFHI) would like to reiterate the message that we can only proceed with the project if there is consensus amongst the PPP, APNU and AFC, communicated via Parliament, that they unanimously support of the Project,” the press statement noted.

Meanwhile, the company also clarified the position of AFC’s Chairman, Nigel Hughes, who is the company’s Secretary. As a result of the revelations on Tuesday, Sithe Global said that it is an attempt to provide a distraction from the project.

Nigel Hughes has since resigned from the AFC; however the political Party rejected his resignation.

“Today [Tuesday], the dwindling detractors attempted to throw out the latest in a series of distractions aimed at obstructing a project that will have lasting positive benefits for Guyana. This appears to be a deliberate and desperate attempt to shift the debate away from the Project merits (especially its significant electricity cost savings for consumers that start at 40% and increase to 91% over the life of the project), which have held up under intense scrutiny,” Sithe Global stated in its release.

Hughes’ wife, Cathy Hughes, who is also a member and parliamentarian of the Alliance for Change, is the Public Relations Officer of Sithe Global,

According to the Company, the fact that Hughes and his wife are advising AFHI, are well known and have been in the public domain for years.

“Nigel Hughes was appointed Company Secretary when AFHI was incorporated in 2009. Cathy Hughes has provided public relations services for AFHI since 2010, long before AFC joined APNU to form the Opposition,” Sithe Global stated.



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