Another PPP appointed REO contract not renewed

The last of Regional Executive Officer (REO) from the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) era has been removed as the APNU/AFC Government has opted against renewing the contract of long-time Region 7 REO, Peter Ramotar.
Former REO of Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), Roderick Edinboro was transferred to Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) earlier this month replacing Ramotar.
On Saturday Ramotar confirmed that his contract as REO was not renewed.
peter ramotarRamotar, brother of former President Donald Ramotar explained that an official reason for the non-renewal was not given.
“They didn’t agree to renewal. They didn’t give a reason. I did ask if it had to do with the quality of my work and I was told no….when they came into power they send off all [the] other fellows, they gave me a contract for a year, when the time came for renewal, I applied and they wrote saying that it would not be renewed,” Ramotar noted.
“I had a year-to-year contract and I do not think there was any necessity to give a reason,” he noted.
Ramotar served as Region Seven’s REO from January 2007 up until the July 7, 2016 date when his contract expired. Before then he served as Region’s Eight REO from 2000-2007.


  1. Yuh get caught up in de politics Bro! ……anyhow dem still give you an extra year.
    De PPP would have sent you off immediately. They did that in back in ’92 & ’94.

  2. Come on PPP, if the roles were reversed would you have renewed a PNC/APNU or any other party member’s contract? You people are whiners, now I understand the purpose of “retaining” the services of Roger Khan and his criminal syndicate; FEAR and INTIMIDATION kept you in office, not the citizens welfare.


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